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  1. captnkev

    2010 DRZ-650: New DR replacement info !?

    Anybody got any fresh rumors concerning this thread?
  2. captnkev

    2009 Model Change for DR650?

    I searched and found what Beemerwolf was pointing out about the 2010 gas tank, fuel line, and emissions requirements for motorcycles. To summarize: it looks with out a redesign of the DR that the California model with the charcoal canister and associated equipment will be the offering nationwide.
  3. captnkev

    2009 Model Change for DR650?

    Well it's that time of year again where I will start a thread pondering what if any model changes will effect our beloved DR650 for 2009? Is a fuel injected water cooled type on the drawing board (ala BMW X-Challenge/Country) or does the classic legend motor on? What's the word?
  4. captnkev

    Too many choices!

    I just posted in the Dualsport section in the thread "What new Bike?" and basically that thread has a lot of discussion in it that is relevant to this thread. Lots of discussion about the 650's and the Drz 400.
  5. captnkev

    What new bike?

    Well I've been reading this thread for the last couple of days and I guess it's time to weigh in. Was in this same dilema 3 years ago, except I live in Northern Indiana where there are no offroad riding areas, just crappy back roads (some gravel). Hadn't rode a dirt bike since 1980 so when I started looking I was surprised that there were very few choices for street legal enduro's (didn't know the modern terminology of "Dualsport" yet).I bought a new 2005 KLR 250 which all things considered now was probably a good choice because I found that there were a lot of things I had forgotten about motorcycle riding. I did take it up to Michigan to ride the trails there but I found I was a little to big (6'- 230 lbs) for a 250. Riding the roads I found it really buzzy (like a sewing machine). Any how the next year left me wanting something more. My criteria for a new bike was it had to be at least 400cc, be able to do some trail work a couple times a year, and be as affordable as possible (the wife was understanding but she has her limits).The finalists were Drz400s, Xr650L, Dr650se, and a Klr650. Settled on a Klr650 and started contacting the dealers to find a used one. I thought I had one lined up from one dealer but while I waited I started really researching the Klr and found it had "issues". A lot of "issues". Okay , so lets look at the rest. Sat on Drz400s found it a little tall and more money, the Honda was really tall, more money, and more dirtbike oriented than what I needed. Enter the Dr650se. I bought a new 2006 trading in my Klr250. I rode it home 75 miles from the dealership and kept saying "WOW" Two years later and 2000 miles this is what I can tell you about this bike: PRO: Affordable, easily maintained, low center of gravity,enough power stock to be fun but still safe, easily modded to whatever you want it to be or do, lots of low end torqe. Con: Suspension is undersprung, the stock seat will toast your ass at 50 miles,no tachometer, Trailwing (Deathwing) tires,stock gearing is to high,is a heavy pig in deep sand and tight trails. So this is how I've modded mine: Corbin seat, Suzuki skid plate (bike doesn't come with one),first Maxxis 6006 tires now running Kenda 270's,Eibach springs front and rear,Fmf Q2 pipe, ground header weld, Dynojet kit,open airbox top with Uni airfilter,two rear racks; the infamous E-Bay BBQ rack and Pro Moto Billets rack,Pro Taper SE Kawasaki Hi handlebars mounted on 1" risers,Acerbis Pro Rally II handguards, 1" mirror extensions, FMF grips,an assortment of front and rear sprockets - 14 and 15 tooth front, 42, 43, and 45 rear, Wolfman tank bag and tank panniers, Moose number plate and fender bag, and a RAM GPS mount for my Garmin. The whole thing about Dualsports is it's about compromise. There is not one bike out there that can do it all . I'm sure the Drz400 would do better on the trails than the Dr650 but I doubt that it could handle the road as well. I'm getting ready myself for an 800 mile ride - 400 miles up on backroads to the Mackinaw Bridge then 400 back home in 3-4 days. Hope this helps - had to stick up for the Dr650- check one out!
  6. captnkev

    Wolfman Tank Panniers #4103

    Anybody using these on their DR650 out there? Will your knees clear them and do they mount securely on the tank? I'm thinking of buying a set to go along with my Wolfman Tank Bag.
  7. captnkev

    Is an upgraded DR650 in the future?

    WELL JUNE IS HERE and I'm dredging up this thread again because of Heykenny's post about the Suzuki Dealers meeting. Soon as somebody gets some info how about posting it here?
  8. captnkev

    Is an upgraded DR650 in the future?

    So I'm over at Adventure Rider reading a thread about BMW's G650X, the replacement for the F650 and a thought crossed my mind. I know that Kawasaki has upgraded the KLR for '08 , and KTM and Husqvarna have many (modern) models covering this segment. I also know from reading Adventure Motorcycle (Dual Sport) magazine that the market went up 27% in 2006.Even Buell is growing in this market. So the debate I'm starting is what's the speculation, an unchanged DR650 for 2008, an upgrade on the current model, or a complete new platform based on the DR400 series? I own a 2006 and just this spring spent a wad for mods (FMF Q2 pipe, Dynojet kit, Pro Taper Bars, grips, Ram GPS mount, Acerbis Handguards, etc). Let me issue a disclaimer and state I appreciate this bike because of its flexibility and simplicity. Compared to the enduro bikes I rode back in the 70's this bike is a Cadillac.
  9. Last year I replaced the stock Deathwings on my DR650 with Maxxis c6006's. Most of my riding is back road - chip and seal and gravel - and occasionally some trails when I travel out of state (Indiana sucks for available trails). After 1500 miles the rear of the Maxxis is toast with the center about 2/3's gone. The front is still in good shape, but after going down a number of times when my front washed out on wet clay / mud, I decided to try another tire. A new set of Kenda 270's are sitting in my garage waiting to be mounted. My first impression is that the Kenda's have a lot more meat (agressive tread) compared to the Maxxis as the knobs are deeper. How this works on the road I will be finding out. The Maxxis c6006 tires on the road performed well.
  10. The only bike I've heard of is the redone KLR 650 which is pretty well known. According to Adventure Rider Magazine ( aka Dual Sport Magazine ), the dual sport segment went up something like 27% last year. Perhaps this might be enough to prompt the manufacturers to give it a fresh look.
  11. captnkev

    Pro Taper SE Handlebars

    Getting ready to pull the trigger on this years mods purchases. Where I need some input is on Pro Taper SE bars. I have searched through all the posts and for the most part I have decided on the ATV bar (first choice= hi bars) for the height and the sweep. My concern; is there enough cable length to do this without problems or issues down the road?
  12. captnkev

    DR650SE 2006 45 tooth sprocket ?

    Need a 45 tooth steel rear sprocket ? Get them here guys at www.esjotusa.com. Went through the same search myself 4 or 5 months ago and got pointed in the right direction by someone here in the forum.
  13. captnkev

    New DR650se...Any upgrades?

    I would agree with DansDr about the suspension upgrade. I ordered the Eibach springs from Jesse (www.kientech.com) and put them on last weekend. I am 6' 230 # and it really makes a difference from stock. Took a hillbilly holiday from work today as I am anticipating my Corbin showing up today which I also got from Jesse. I got my 2006 in March (got a blue one, you know the fast one !) so here is a list of mods I've done so far (in order of application): OEM skid plate Maxxis M6006 50/50 tires 14t JT front sprocket 45t rear steel sprocket from Esjot (esjot.com) Pro Moto Billet rack lower chain roller "E-Bay" Rack (got this one for long road/camping trips) Garmin E-Trex Legend GPS Eibach springs Corbin seat Future wish list/pondering: Dynojet kit FMF pipe air filter upgrade fork brace headlight bulb change (Silverstar) handlebars,grips How you mod your bike really depends on where and how you ride. Thats the beauty of the DR - it really comes in a vanilla flavor waiting for you to put the toppings on!
  14. captnkev

    What's it going to take to get trails in Indiana?

    Well I got a reply back from the Governor's office today. Basically to sum it up they informed me about how Redbird will eventually be a 1000 acres with 70 miles of trails and Interlake will be 3000 acres with details about trails to be established later. These are being established with cooperation between the DNR and off-road vehicle clubs. They also pointed out all the for profit areas like the Badlands,Haspin Acres,etc. My impression is they are aware of the need for riding areas but IMO this is the program for the foreseeable future. I see no radical initiatives as far as opening up any State or Federal properties (State Forests and FWA's, the Hoosier, or any reservoir property}. Those of us who live in Northern Indiana are SOL! I guess riding up in Michigan for the last couple years has spoiled me. I also was a member of the Michigan CCC and was impressed how organized they were and how they have worked with the MI DNR to establish the trail network they have. Having said this is there any Indiana organizations I can support so that we might eventually have something like that here in Indiana?
  15. captnkev

    What's it going to take to get trails in Indiana?

    Here it is:www.in.gov/gov