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  1. I dont see why everyone is complaining on the quality of the 144. I recently have redone the bottom and top end of mine (due to sucking in water in a river) and found that the engine was put together awesome. Nothing seemed flimsy or vulnerable.
  2. Check out the 144. I bought one last year as i wasnt quite big enough for a 250f, and wanted a nice light 2 stroke. Its done exactly that, lots of bottom end snap, tons of overrev and reliable as ever. As from someones whose has ridden a 125, the ktm 144 seems much easier to ride with a much broader powerband, and alot less peaky. Perfect bike IMO.
  3. Yeah, i am picking up my 144sx this weekend ill be sure to give you guys a shout how she rides, got a wicked deal 5500 bucks for an 07 brand new.
  4. FMF are decent, but i wouldn't suggest running 50:1 i prefer 40:1, much less chance of the bike seizing on me.
  5. Yeah, ive just purchased a ktm 144 havent gotta pick it up yet but from what ive found out that after you get the piston problem fixed they are pretty awesome to ride, while being very reliable as most 2 strokes are.
  6. All i have ever heard about this bike is how much it tears it up. Jeez I cant wait the week or 2 till i have one in my garage.
  7. I have some respect for him being that crazy fast, but honestly what is he doing to our sport! Time to start driving the old lifted truck just incase he comes ripping around jk
  8. Wow, shes so pretty, i want her in my garage. Selling the 85 for one, people in canada want 8grand for them though. Time to go use our strong dollar.
  9. yeah i use gas on the filters, then washed them out with a little dawn to get job done. Never had a problem.
  10. Ive always ran 32:1 on all my bikes even after changing top ends or piston anything, never had a problem yet.
  11. Grats on the bike, looks like she would be a fun one to ride.
  12. One thing you could do, while making this decision is do the same thing I did on my xr70 before making the switch to the 85, is cut a piece of copper tubing, about an inch or 2 and position it on the top of the springs. This makes the suspension a little harder, and seemed to raise the height of the bike a little. See how he handles this, then make your decision.
  13. Right now on my 85 im running a MS2 Front and a MH3 Rear. Which isnt too far off, and I have had zero problems. Theres always nice grab in mud and on the track with the rear, and its not wearing as fast as the other tires I have had. The front tire still looks brand new. (4 months for riding)
  14. One time I forgot to tighten the rear axle bolt after tightening the chain. The whole chain was almost dangleing on the ground. Luckly my dad caught it before I did would have been terrible to go ride the moto with my bike in that shape.