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  1. JohnnyGE

    Yosh full exhaust systems questions

    Being relatively new to the 'TT' club (1-day in fact), so please forgive any awakwardness in responding to this 'forum'... Now...back to the business at hand...I am undergoing some minor performance upgrades for my DRZ-400E...I just installed a Yoshimura Full Exhaust, installed a 168 main (stock is 142), and raised the needle one notch...I question the need for changing the pilot jet (currently a 45) to a size 48 and removing the air box restrictor ??? Any comments or suggestions...please reply !!!
  2. JohnnyGE

    Yosh full exhaust systems questions

    I have a 2000 model DRZ-400 (factory stock)...I had purchased a Yoshimura SS. full system over a year ago and just now getting around to installing it...The installation instructions say to change the main to a 168 and raise the needle one notch... Is this all I shoud do, or need I change the pilot jet too, and/or possibly remove the air box restrictor...Please help somebody !!! My riding is in WV. with elevation 175M... I only want to remove the carb. once and once only for the hassle of it !!!