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  1. mxjeffro

    Leatt vs EVS

    So what is the difference? pros and cons I am not much for worrying about money, just interested if anyone has any input/ knowledge Getting ready to go buy a new helmet and either a Leatt or EVS brace. Thanks
  2. mxjeffro

    Anyone from Minnesota?

    Hey guys, I live between Lecenter and Montgomery,MN. Have a track and race at Elko, mankato and Millville. I am at Elko every thursday as well Got less than a month to go!!!!!!! woo hooo!!!! I race +25b and +30 B See ya Jeff
  3. mxjeffro

    I got my neck brace today!

    The neck donuts were originally intended to prevent collar bone breaks from your helmet hitting. The EVS braces, simspon, etc I belive will not protect from a neck injury, is this correct? I am going to buy the Leatts neck brace, I had a buddy fracture is C6 and C7 last year and now has them fused together. He will be riding this year, but it is for sure a wake up call.
  4. mxjeffro

    Survey: 06 CRF450R Owner Opinions

    I have an 06 450 with 40 hrs. i race vet B and +25 B. No issues at all. Some things I did when i bought it new are pro wheel rims with white Bros HD stainless steel spokes and nipples (stock spokes are junk) DID X ring chain Hinson clutch pro taper bars Pro action suspension with valving and spings michelin MS3 tires twin air filter with billet cage
  5. So, I endoed last night on a 60 ft table out of a corner in 3rd gear on my 06 crf 450. The last I remember before I was looking at the ground while on the bike was it seemed to be off!!!!! I hit the lip and there was nothing, the bike locked up and from about 8 ft in the air I landed on my front fender. Fractured my wrist, wont be racing this weekend, etc. After i regained my composure, and noticed my mx pants were pulled down to my knee braces, I noticed the bike was running So, this bike has never bobbled and has ran spotlessly!!!! Should I have adjusted the fuel screw so it ran richer? Turn it in or out? I am probably done for the season, but would like to know where I went wrong Thanks Jeff
  6. What kind of bike does Alessi ride? I am not brand biased, I own a honda,,,,,and been beat by lots of different bikes. I think KTM builds a good bike, personally, I dont know if I would buy one or not, havent ridden one. But saying a bike isnt anygood because it hasnt won a championship is incorrect. Companies like KTM, zuki, honda etc budget X amount of dollars to their race program, if a rider doesnt fit in their budget, then they cannot afford that rider. Simply put, they get the rider they can afford and hope to get a strong showing.
  7. I was racing in doors about 2 years ago. When the vet A class was racing I decided to watch the race. There was an ex pro racing on a 1987 XR 200 or therabouts,,,,,everyone else was on almost new bikes, suspension mods, etc. The gate got the holeshot, he was midpack on his XR, 5 laps in, he was in first. I have NEVER laughed so hard in my life. This dude was mid 40's, X pro, on a xr 200 and beat them all. All I have to say is this, the bike doesnt matter at a amature level, and pros on equal bikes, the one with the best form and ability WILL win, irregardless of what they are on. I will take it one step further, put carmicheal on a 2002 450,,,,he will beat 75% of the riders on factory bikes in the gate is my guess
  8. mxjeffro

    Swap ring gear on clutch basket???

    What brand of basket did you buy,,,,stock? If you bought a stock basket, you can get bucking rivets and install them with an air hammer and steel backer. Then grind off the excess. Usually you can get bucking rivets at fastener stores and airplane supply places. If you bought a hinson, go to teh hardware store and get flat head counter sink allen bolts, then red loctite them in and punch the end of the bolt that sticks thru to mash teh threads so it will not back out on you
  9. So my bike is brand new (18 hrs) and I got randomly selected for a sound test at my moto yesterday. Stock pipe, stock jetting 100 db. AMA rule is 99. I have since richened it up some to reduce the popping from it being a little lean. Any other ideas besides different exhaust. I may repack the muffler, but i find it hard to believe that would be it. Gonna test it again at the races this next weekend and see what it does.
  10. Having an issue Put a FMF megabomb and FMF carbon exhaust on a 2006 KXf 450 Seems to be cutting out (popping like it is lean) at 3-4 to WOT. We used the largest jet size that FMF sent, including their needle. Seems like the bike is lean. We lowered the clip on the need to fatten up 1/4 to 3/4 but seems no change is made. Anybody have any experince with this. We are running 92 premium with VP U12 fuel
  11. mxjeffro

    how many hours is considered high

    I change oil on both sides every 1- 1.5 hrs. I have 13 hrs on my 06 crf 450
  12. mxjeffro

    Knee braces

    my experience has been that Fox and Thor gear will fit knee braces. Oneal and answer gear will not. I like thor because the stuff holds up,,,,,my fox gear was trashed after 2 months of use. Get thor Core gear and it will fit your knee braces. BTW- fox 360 fits knee braces as well
  13. mxjeffro

    How many here race MX?

    I race +25 b and vet b favorite tracks,,,,here in mn Millville (spring creek) Elko hurricane hills in Mazeppa, mn
  14. Some common mis- conceptions by Dirt bikers and Quad riders. 1. Aftermarket pipes make noticable power and make you faster. Pipes MOVE power,,,and a pipe aint gonna make you faster,,,riding lessons or seat time will. 2. I can ride where i want and when i want All you do when you say that is have the VILLAGE IDIOT stamped accross your forehead and make all OHV ers look bad 3. Noise isnt an issue on a closed course BS, noise is noise,,,,here in MN, D-23 decided to enforce the AMA 98 db rule. At the first race of the year, onle 1 quad rider passed,,,,and a number of dirt bikes were not below 98 DB either. ALL STOCK PIPES MET THE 98 DB rule. You can thank all the aftermarket pipe mfgrs for this since they dont care about noise. FMF offers "quiet pipes", but they also sell the "loud" pipes. DO NOT BUY AN AFTERMARKET PIPE. Make sure it is below 98DB. I heard a guy crying about spending 800.00 on a pipe and he cant race with it on,,,,,well,,,did you read the AMA rule book? It says clearly in there,,but hasnt been enforced. 4. 2 stokes pollute When the comparison has been done,,,,2 strokes are such a small part of the whole picture. How about planes and there emmissions? Basically,,,,,,dont try to pass the buck onto another type of OHV er,,,all that does is divide us,,,,,and as we all know,,,,,,Divide= conquer. Stick together and police ourselves. That is what will get us somewhere.
  15. mxjeffro

    Dirt Biking a Sport?

    I am 33,,,race vet b and +25 b,,,i ride 3 days per week. I am in decent shape. The other night I was awaken by leg cramps in my INNER thighs,,,not a hamstring,,,,,at 3 am,,,not one leg but both,,,,,I was almost in tears trying to get my legs to do the splits. The last time I played golf,,,,,that didnt happen. Its a sport,,,,,and extremely demading as well