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  1. What jetting are people using for the 280 SXS kit. I have the 280 SXS kit on an 08 250 xcf w. M jetting is the recommended Jetting: idle jet: 42; jet needle: OBETP - 5th position from top; main jet: 168; leak jet: 70; air screw: 1,5 turn open; pump spring: green (SXS08250030). I also have the JD kit. The recommended jetting and green spring seem to have too much of an abrupt start. Is this from the green spring? I am thinking that a throttle cam would be good. Also there is too much engine braking and ther bike can stall when going slow. I have tried raising the idle and also going a gear higher. I am in Mass/NH, and 180 lb, stock gearing. Any suggestions for the jetting to get it to be smoother off the bottom? What about an auto clutch for less engine braking? Thanks, Bob

    JD O-ring (Accel Pump) Question

    Does removing the close cable apply to the 08 250 XCF-W?

    Ticking time bomb?

    I will be keeping it, I do also have an 89 CR 250 that I put on the street but it lost spark. I have to check the new stator. I also have a BMW K75 that will go forever.

    Ticking time bomb?

    I have a 01 WR250F with about 4000 miles, some on road at max speed, some in winter at max speed on snowmobile trails, I have replaced the cam chain once and put an 03 cam and that is it. I am getting a new 08 250 XCF w and need to decide what to do with the 01 WR. I have never adjusted valves or done any great maintenance routine. Still starts first kick and revs nicely. What to do??

    Any New England Ice Riders?

    Hey Oger, I ride in the national forest in Bartlett, NH in the winter. New Years weekend should be good to ride with the rain that we got if it freezes. You need to go out in the morning before the sun warms things up. If you dig in then you go home. I ride a WR 250 F with gold screws. All snowmobile trails are legal in NH if you have an ATV permit. Send a PM if you want to go sometime. Bob

    WR250F Seat Height Reduction?

    I had my 01 WR 250f lowered by factory connection and revalved for tight trails. It did make the bike easier in the tight stuff but suffers in the rocks as the engine is closer to the ground/rocks. Also the kickstand is too long and should be lowered, but with careful placement off camber the kick stand issue is ok. The front springs were shortened and the rear shock has a bumper to prevent full extension. To reverse this new front springs are required and the bumper removed. I have since put taller tires on it and it is now taller than the lowered setting, but less than stock. Try lower profile tires and sliding the forks up first. Bob