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  1. Spades

    Luggage tips KLR 650

    yep, definitely has to be hard luggage. I'm planning a trip from toronto to panama and back this summer on a KLR650, so I need the security of hard luggage. I PM'd you Strooth re: sending me pics, etc about your set up...very interested in that. There is also lots of interesting info at advrider.com in the gear section on this topic.
  2. Spades

    Luggage tips KLR 650

    Hey...wondering if anyone has any experience with either home made hard side cases or more affordable retail hard sidecases for a KLR 650? Everything I can find retail is outrageously expensive, and I've heard that some people have had success making their own or adapting other cheaper stuff for the KLR. any tips for packing up a KLR for a long haul would be much appreciated .
  3. Spades

    KLX 650 vs KLR 650?

    ok...thanks guys. adventure riding is a great forum site too.
  4. Spades

    KLX 650 vs KLR 650?

    looking to buy a dual purpose for a long trip this summer from toronto to panama and back (mostly road, but would like to do some off road along the way). my reading has suggested the KLR 650 has great gas mileage, reliability, and parts availability, but I can't for the life of me find a used one in Ontario that I can afford and a new one is out of my price range. A used KLX 650 just came up available, and its in my price range, but I'm not sure its appropriate for my needs. Also, I'm not sure about the availability of parts for the KLX (windshield, better seat, gas tank, etc). any advice would be greatly appreciated. this forum is great btw.