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  1. I agree. They seem close to me. I am in SM trim now but I rarely use 4th either way.
  2. So I ordered some warp 9 forged from Toxic Moto Racing. Long story short Warp 9 had some miscommunications and in the end Jeff at Toxic Moto took very good care of me and talked to Warp 9 and hooked me up with a set of unreleased Switch Forged wheels. They come Monday and I'm pumped!
  3. Anybody have a stock exhaust they want to get rid of pretty cheap?
  4. Well cancel that. I found a flasher!
  5. Ya it looks like the way to go to me but like you said, cost. I'm going to be running SM street for the foreseeable future so I don't really need all the adjustability of the vortex so I am curious about something like power commander might work for me for 1/3 the cost.
  6. Well guys I haven't been able to find someone to flash my ecu so I'm looking for recommendations/opinions on the other options. Vortex, power commander or any others out there.
  7. To those of you running supermoto, does anyone know if a 5 inch rear on Avon Trailriders fit?
  8. I have the smoke teardrops from DRC and resistor wire. You can also run an IC Relay but if you don't want front signals, then you will save about 5 bucks and some install time with the resistors.Find it all at http://www.langstonracing.com/eshopprod_cat_2442-19634_product_239421.586_MOTOLED_LED_Flasher_Smoke.htm