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  1. What a surprise! CRF450F and I were planning on seeing him in the hospital, but heard he was released, so we went to his house for a visit. He was glad to see us, but he really needs his rest. I happy to see that he is trying so hard to get up and walk around, but until the spinal injury improves, I wouldn't expect too much walking. When he gets better, I think CRF and I will need to take him out to milestone park, and work on skill building excercises. I think once he is healed, he will probably have a lot of confidence building to do on the bike.. at least I would... I haven't broken a bone yet (well, not from riding), but have come very close many times. Those of us with riding injuries that come back to ride again, ride better, becaues we have been to the edge, and know now, where it is... I hope to get you back out on the trails at least.. Take care guy!
  2. In that case, I think you're right. I wasn't there, so I'm no expert, but it certainly looks like guy's posture. Nice to see he got the newer model husqi.. I spoke to guy tonight. I will stop by there tomorow to visit. He is doing great. he has to strengthen his lungs to avoid pnumonia (typical), but he is certainly able to walk around (with much pain). He said he doesn't expect to be there too much longer, since the spinal injury is in his mid back, and his head is good now. He certainly sounded coherent, but remembers absolutely nothing after throttling down the mountain. He said he doesn't remember making any turns, or jumps, or the crash. He said his helmet was pretty bashed in . If they have it at the hopital with his personal belonging, I'll get a picture of it..
  3. The one labelled as guy is riding a new Husqi. Did guy get his replaced? if not, I think guy is the one in all yellow toward the left side of the pic, in the back. yellow helmet, and yellow jersey/pants. that would be guy... I think... Also, I think you correctly Identified CRF450F
  4. who's going to teach us how to use the eject feature that bubba has so elegantly mastered?
  5. probably the same position as the ribs... maybe related since they are attached... ?
  6. no. I was supposed to be at the race, but have asthma and the fires have me at less than 100% breathing.. I know my limits, and did not attend. CRF450F was there though. The mid air collision I was referring to is an altogether different one. Since I missed the race entirely, I did not know the whole story until today. CRF450F got him confused with NewCastle after the start, so I heard NewCastle's story until today when I learned Guy's story. I just got his hospital room number, and will be calling him today. And since he appears to be okay now (according to prior report), I gotta ask him how the bike is.. at least that will be the first question.. haha..
  7. I know guy quite well. I don't have his home number anymore though, that's what cell phones are for... I have attempted to reach someone on his cell with no luck. It's good to know he is out of ICU. CRF450F and I went side to side and colided in mid air, but are very comfortable with our bikes, and our abilities, so it was no big deal. Guy didn't have the riding experience to race as competatively as he did, and probably wasn't mentally prepared for such an event to occur. Hopefully he has taken this episode as a learning experience, and his next venture on the MX track is at his own pace, not the pace of the leaders... If I can track down his room at loma linda, I'll give everyone an update. I feel pretty bad about the whole thing, because CRF450F and I are the ones that introduced him to MX. The big question: How's the bike? Take care..
  8. Yeah, and you weren't even Chad's age. The pain is harder to deal with as you get older. He was definately hurt.
  9. Okay, I know shoulder pain. I'm not a pro rider, but the day I bought my new CRF450R I took out for some very easy trial riding, and slammed a jump backwards at nearly 40 mph, with no braking, I was thrown a real good distance, landing firmly on my shoulder, and although I didn't dislocate it like chad did, it hurt for months. And just recently I discovered I have tendinitis of the shoulder, apparently I tore my tendon that day, and never allowed it to heal, I just got used to the pain, which turned into discomfort, and has recently resurfaced as extreme pain. As I said, I did not dislocate my shoulder the way Reed did, and I was unable to ride for months. today, with the torn tendon, I can ride, and it doesn't hurt, but I can't imagine I could whip my bike around like the pros do with my shoulder in even the level of pain it is in right now. Reed's injury was in no way played up. A dislocated should is extremely painful, often resulting in the inability to use ones shoulder, but reed went out there with with his 450 thumper, and whipped it around like he wasn't even injured. No Way was Reed setting himself up with an excuse in case he didn't win, he was injured, and the fact he performed like he did is nothing short of what one would come to expect from a great athlete.