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  1. At My Last Race I Used The Fender Screw Off Of A 86 250r, And The Spring Off My Carb On My Truck, Bike Ran Like A Striped A@@ Ape
  2. If You Can't Duck It, F#$% It
  3. No, Last Time At Highpoint I Got Stuck In A Porta-john, And Then Someone Pushed It Over
  4. Maybe Check The Gear Between The Handlebars? Possibly A Loose Nut.
  5. I run the Z-start auto clutch now. Just checking to see if anyone has the new Z-start Pro yet. Does it feel any different than the Z-start, other than having your stock clutch fell/pull. Thanks
  6. That Shop I Found Sells Them For $50, I Just Don't Like Buying From Magazines, This Guy Hooks Me Up So I Go To Him, Call Him To See What He Can Do For You, 812-634-6686, His Name Is Zach
  7. They Said It Was For A Dunlop Tires, 773, 756, 952, 742, 755
  8. Found A Shop That Is Selling Dunlop Tires Cheap, Obermeyer Yamaha, 812-634-6686, I Think The Rears Were $55 And The Fronts Were $50, They Said They Would Ship Also, If Anyone Was Interested
  9. Found A Dealer That Can Compete On Tire Prices, They Are Selling Dunlop 18" And 19" For $55, And 21" For $50. They Have A Deal On The D755 Also($35, They Only Have 18" Though). I Talked To Them And They Can Ship, If You Do Not Live In Indiana There Will Be No Sales Tax. 812-634-6686, Ask For Zach
  10. I Tried Wearing A Pair Of Smith Warp Roll Off's. They Seem To Big To Fit Properly Inside My Helmet. Does Anyone No Of A Goggle That They Have Had Luck With That Fits Great?
  11. i buy my tires from Obermeyer Yamaha, they are the cheapest place i have found. 812-634-MOTO
  12. Going To Put An 18" Rear Wheel On My 06 Yz250. Has Anybody Ever Run A 100/100-18 Instead Of A 110/100-18? I Usually Run A 110, But I Am Wandering If A 100 Would Be That Much Different.
  13. 06 Yz125 Spring Rate Is .40, The 06 Yz250 Rate Is .42 I Ride An 06 Yz250, Before You Buy Just Ride Your Stock Stuff And Try To Adjust From There. I Have Mine All Stock, The Only Thing I Done Was Add Air Cells. It Is Almost Perfect Now.
  14. You Deffinatly Need To Repack The Silencer In The Pic. You Will Be Amazed At How Much Better The Bike Sounds, I Used Msr Packing On Mine And It Seems To Be Holding Up Just Fine
  15. thumperwrestler, if I were you I would get a FMF Q series pipe. My buddy put one on his 06 250F and it is quite noticeably quieter. They retail for 499