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  1. 1wheelsalute

    Vintage YZ's

    I agree it's a cool bike for sure. One question I have is....When I put in the new piston and rings in, should I have the cylinder honed to clean off any glazing?
  2. 1wheelsalute

    Vintage YZ's

    I'll heed your advice. I took it out yesterday and rode for about 6 hours at the longview, Wa MX track. The bike ran like a champ, I'm the one who's broken down today. But just to play it safe I'm going to buy a piston kit and bearings next paycheck so I know what I'm working with. Thanx for the advice and keep the rubber side down. :-)
  3. 1wheelsalute

    Vintage YZ's

    Thanx for the input. Your advice is pretty much what I was feeling. And yeah the bike has always been a good runner. My Dad bought me a YZ80 at the same time which was my first bike. They're easy to work on and are great forrest bikes. I think I'll ride the 250 for this season and then look for a WR450F for summer of '07.
  4. 1wheelsalute

    Vintage YZ's

    I have an '83 YZ250K that my Dad bought brand new in '84. It's never had the piston or rings replaced or inspected. As I've recently aquired the bike, I've noticed that a replacement for race spec is like every 2nd or 3rd race. Now he and I used to roll together and he was never that hard on it (mostly trail riding). My question is...for a bike this old and well taken care of, is this something I should be getting on right away? I rebuilt the carb and the bike runs great, Just curious if there's something I don't know that I should be worried about.