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  1. Cigarette38

    Baja 1000 and the BRP - XR650R

    Good read guys!! Godspeed to all twisting the grip!! Remember When in doubt upshift
  2. Cigarette38

    KX100...Could be the ultimate pit bike?

    2 reasons RC 1. by the time JR is finished with it there will not be much left motor wise. 2. I want a phat bottom tourque monster mini to mess around with, can't have that with a 100cc 2smoke no matter what you do!!
  3. Cigarette38

    Painted frame

    Yep that por-15 is the toughest paint like coating I have ever used. I use it on my trail only jeep bumpers and rocker guards. Only problem is it is not U.V. stable If sunlight can get to it you have to top coat it or it will turn to chaulk. Use it like a primer though and you will never see metal again. I bounce the jeep off rocks and it hardly scatches it.
  4. Cigarette38

    Xrr + Usd = ?????

    Tony nice looking BRP That makes it 1 for bling
  5. Cigarette38

    How long does mixed gas last?

    What you need to think about is the oil not the gas. By the time your gas is no good the oil has long been usless to lubricate the motor!! You need to watch what type of oil you are mixing as well. If you are using a castor bean I would use it only on the day of mixing as the hydrocarbons will brake down the organic lubricating properties of the oil leaving your bearings and cylinder wall doomed. Synthetic oils will last longer But I dont know how much longer. My rule is use new gas every ride and the Suburban gets the rest.
  6. Cigarette38

    Xrr + Usd = ?????

    Wilst doing research on how and why I need to build an XRR to fit my needs best, I keep on comming up with front end swaps. Or should I say how too swap posts. Everything about what bearings belong to what stem to what stem fits what clamp. BUT what I don't see in any thread is why are you guys changing out front ends and even more inportant what is the outcome? What changed in the handling of the bike? What did you need to do to balance the front to back? Or is this just all about swaping in a little bling? Please let us know the magic you found by doing this!
  7. Cigarette38

    What year XR650R?

    thanks artic, searching a little more I think I am getting the anwsers I was looking for. The biggest change I have found was the basket bushing. No big deal to update! There is no one bike that gets all jobs done. Bikes are like tools use the right one for the job you are doing. I sure dont want to supercross a BRP but I sure as heck don't want to wring out my YZ on a 100 mile loop i'v done it, not good!!!!!
  8. Cigarette38

    What year XR650R?

    Steve Think about working out on a BRP and then jumping on a 250 2smoke. Would feel like your on a z50.
  9. Cigarette38

    KX100... Now what?

    What is the race sag and static sag supose to be on a kx100? my son is about 125-130 lbs bike seems a little soft for him.
  10. Cigarette38

    KX100...Could be the ultimate pit bike?

    my son has a 03 kx100 and is about to go to a 250F. At that point I am going to find the stiffest springs I can find and see what kind of trail bike four stroke motor will fit like a crf230. I would bet that would make a fun bike to beat around on!!!!
  11. Cigarette38

    What year XR650R?

    Yep northwest sub I have an 2002 YZ250 for Moto and serious trails. I want the XR to convert to dual sport and for extended open trial riding in the U.P. of Michigan. I also have a nice privet moto track on the way home from my office so im thinking a couple of times a week instead of the street bike ride the xr and catch some laps on the way home for a good workout.
  12. Cigarette38

    What year XR650R?

    I am in the market for a 650R and would like to ask if there are any years that I should stay away from. Are there any specific issues that need to be addressed with older 650R's like this clutch bushing that I read about? My intended use will be convert to duel and use it for office duty with a moto on the way home and some long trial adventures. Thanks in advance for any advice Russ
  13. Cigarette38

    Motoland this wednesday???

    What are the Wednesday hours how late can you ride ? Maybe it would be worth a half day off work.
  14. Cigarette38

    1st official TTBR Ride Pics.

    Good to meet everyone! Soory we missed the pics. Some of that stuff was a real slop fest. We should do it again before it gets hot and dry, get everyone from TT together that is. Russ
  15. Cigarette38

    Anybody been to CorossingsMX in Valpo?.....

    I use to ride there a lot matter of fact exactly two years ago tomorrow I had a compleat dislocation of my right foot there nasty ulgy ordeal Thats why I ride the trees now can't handle the big landings ankle just gives out. The pro track was fun and I allways thought they took real good care of the place groomed and watered when needed. When that crash happened they got me to the hospital and stored my stuff in his garage untill I could pick it up. Sure will be a loss to lose that place!!!!!!!!!!