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    02 CRF 450 KickStart Question?

    Im thinking you were right with the decomp clearance, i did have to take off the top end, i replaced the right side crankcase, not the cover. I had to split the case, so i replaced all bearings, seals everything. Its pretty much a new motor now. Ill be able to check clearances tomorrow and ill let you know. Thanks!!!
  2. robnav12

    02 CRF 450 KickStart Question?

    I dont mean to sound stupid but do you mean the valve clearance? Im kind of new at this. Thanks
  3. Just wonding if anyone can help me with my problem? I had to replace the right side crankcase of my 2002 450, thats done. But the problem im having is now when i try to kick start the bike there is a really, really stiff point in the kick start stroke, and man, i mean stiff!! I cant even kick through that point, and i a big guy! I dont think its timing because the bike started twice and sounded fine. So if anyone has any suggestions id appriciate it. Thanks