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  1. Correct they can run magnesium or whatever they want for the covers, but thats not what you had said. Factory frames and engines although heavily modified with unobtainable parts are still production based so stating that they are completely different from showroom bikes is not 100% accurate.
  2. AMA rule states that the cases have to be stock, that is basically the whole reason behind the 2013 KTM factory edition 450.
  3. I had a shorai die after it sat for about a month, I contacted shorai and they sent me out a replacement. The replacement battery has been issue free so far. Although it was fortunate the original shorai died, their customer service was great.
  4. Finally got some pics of mine together.
  5. Finally got some pics of mine together.
  6. I have one of their pro series pleated seat covers on my 125 and the quality and fit all seem spot on.
  7. Anyone found these cheaper than $230 yet?
  8. Supercross

    What??? It wasn't his neckbrace that was the cause?
  9. I have been running MX51's front and rear or Bridgestone m403/404's for a while and have always been happy with both. The pirelli MX Extra X looks promising and I plan on trying that sometime in the near future.