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  1. pwade92

    Need a good aluminum welder near PDX

    I would recommend Cycle Metrics in NW Portland. He has done great work for me in the past... http://maps.google.com/maps/place?um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=cycle+metrics&fb=1&gl=us&hq=cycle+metrics&hnear=Portland,+OR&cid=3234672239770909175
  2. pwade92

    Gas in a 2 liter bottle?

    I use this bottle in my fanny pack when I ride. It works great. I would never put gas in a thin plastic pop bottle. http://www.rei.com/product/783963
  3. pwade92

    Chad Tried to Take out Bubba!-SPOILER

    You guys are missing my point. I do not say to race with RV. But James was ahead of Chad by 8 seconds with about 10 laps to go. I just feel that if James did not slow so dramatically and maintained about a 5 second lead (racing not all out of course) then Chad never even would have had the opportunity to take James out. Let RV go like he did, but stay ahead of Chad and maintain his cushion without riding over his head.
  4. pwade92

    Chad Tried to Take out Bubba!-SPOILER

    I agree that there is no way he should have tried to race RV, but given that James got a great start and Chad did not and that James had a solid 8 second lead on Chad I feel that James could have probably rode about 90% and STILL not have let Chad have that chance to take him out. I mean, even Ricky Carmichael and Emig were freaking out and wondering if something was wrong with Jame's bike! They couldn't believe that James was letting Chad get close!
  5. pwade92

    Chad Tried to Take out Bubba!-SPOILER

    I mean if James just put his head down and rode hard like we all know he can then he never even would have given Chad the opportunity to take him out! Am I the only one that see's it this way?? I like both riders and I feel the fastest won the championship, but I feel James was really dumb and made an almost critical error in judgement to give Chad the chance.... what do you guys think?
  6. pwade92

    Baja Trip From Washington

    when were you thinking?
  7. pwade92

    08 exc seat

    Just don't be tender with it. I get the seat on and aligned and pushed all forward and THEN give it a very firm wack with my fist directly on top of the seat right above where the bolt roughly is. It goes on with a nice solid sounding connection and then I screw the bolt in. Works perfectly every time. Try it!
  8. pwade92


    A lot of guys have there suspension done by David Taxel from Promotion Suspension. He is in Vancouver. Just got my bike revalved, resprung, and setup by David and the difference was night and day. I recommend him... http://www.promotionsuspension.com/
  9. pwade92

    08 XC4 motor oil level

    I was just about to post the exact same thing... You need to put 600ml TOTAL into the bike. I stole my wife's glass pyrex measuring cup and pour 600ml into it. I then put the oil away on the shelf. The oil in the pyrex measuring cup is the total amount of oil I put in the bike which includes filling the oil filler reservoir 1/3 of the way up and adding a bit to the oil filter and then the rest goes into the bike. I warm it up and then check it the next day and it is always about 3/4 to 2/3 up the site glass.
  10. pwade92

    Desert 100 *Be Prepared*

    Hi. Is anyone able to send me a link to this event? Sounds cool. Thanks!
  11. pwade92

    Where to take the kids riding this winter?

    What is that riding area like? Could you give us a brief description of the terrain? Is this the area where the trails are all one way trails? Thanks!
  12. pwade92

    Suspension work around Portland?

    Another vote here for David from Promotion Suspension. He just revalved and resprung my 08 KTM 450 EXC-R last summer for my weight/riding style and it was worlds better! It maintained its plushness on the small stuff but really helped it soak up the bigger landings and g-outs
  13. pwade92

    08 RM 250 has a woods bike ?

    Rhino - thanks a ton for posting such a detailed reply to my questions! I am racing in the Fall Classic on Nov 17th and 18th out at Fort Rock Park (China Hat Riding Area). I think I will try the 14t CS sprocket for out there because there are a lot of wide open 5th gear pegged sections where I just know my RM will run out to soon and be screaming for a 6th gear (I came from an 04 CRF450R which was a great bike for riding in the desert ). Anyway thanks again...
  14. pwade92

    08 RM 250 has a woods bike ?

    I have an 06 RM250 and I weigh about 210 with gear on. I live in Portland, Oregon and race mainly at a track in Goldendale called Eddieville. It is a fast wide open GP style track. But I also do some tight woods riding and also go over to eastern Oregon and do some wide open desert racing in China Hat. ANYWAY... I saw your post and it made me want to ask you a few questions.. 1. I was thinking about going one tooth bigger on the CS sprocket to a 14 from my stock 13 to gain some top speed out in the desert, but you said you were thinking about doing that, but didn't because of your loss of a useable 1st gear. How much do you weigh if I could ask? 2. Just curious at to your jetting specs for your RM. 3. What gearing are you running right now and are you happy? Thanks!