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  1. My first question is always" when can I ride again?"
  2. IMO I think that is high.
  3. Kenda trakmasters. Front and rear.
  4. I run Kenda Trakmasters. Not very expensive and work well for me.
  5. I usually try to pick mine up and keep going before any of my friends see me.
  6. Lookin Good!
  7. Buy the Pro moto billet stand. You won't be sorry.
  8. No one ever plans to do anything stupid but when you are riding things happen. I was riding once and came up on another group of frantic riders. Someone had a heart attack and no one had a phone. I had mine and had to climb to the top of a hill to get service. We were in a remote place and it took awhile for help to find us. CPR was being performed. Sadly, the man passed, but I was glad I had my phone and could at least try. I will always carry my phone.
  9. How deep is the water? We have several areas like this and we just ride down the stream if not too deep.
  10. I have same bike. I put a Shorai Lithium battery in and had nothing but trouble. I went back to a regular battery from Motobatt and have not had any problems since then. I also have a fan. Maybe I just had a bad one but I won't be using one again anytime soon.
  11. I could still use one. Thanks
  12. Could use a code if anyone has 1. The 2 above have been used. Thanks
  13. I use these and love them. Got them at Tractor Supply.
  14. Just needs a "tune-up" and "carb cleaned".LOL