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  1. chubbyfat

    New for 07 wr450's ?

    you can either manually map your fuel injection to compensate for your mods(i.e. exhaust, cams) with the powercommander software that comes with the powercommander then load the map you just created into the powercommander. Or, if you're lazy like me, you can stick your bike on the dyno then map your powercommander.... or go to the dynojet website and they have recommended maps for your mods, then load those maps onto your powercommander. it is VERY SIMPLE in a nutshell, no, efi does not automatically compensate for new pipes
  2. chubbyfat

    fuel screw

    bottomline: get a screw. you'll be glad you did. just screw out to your desire and run a piece of tape over it to keep it from falling out. that should help you from getting discouraged
  3. chubbyfat

    New for 07 wr450's ?

    Power Commanders are fairly inexpensive (around $300) for what they do. new slip on? no problem. new full exhaust? no problem. If you own a computer, remapping EFI is so damn simple to do. I would rather remap my EFI while sitting on the couch with my laptop drinking a beer, than in the garage frustrated with archaic jets and needles. I've seen the EFI debate on here for awhile now. I just don't understand why some people are so scared to break into something newer and better.
  4. chubbyfat

    Acerbis Hand Guards on 2006 WR450F

    the acerbis rally pro were kind of a b*tch to install on the clutch side of my wr because of the big ole lever. I had to buy a nylon spacer to make it fit.
  5. chubbyfat

    electric start button doesn't work

    sounds like battery to me. My brand new '06 battery was a POS. Had to be replaced. yes, it was fully charged on the tender and was still worthless. did the clicking and everything. This was the first time i've had abnormality with a new Yuasa battery. Just try a new battery, could be a fast, fairly inexpensive fix.
  6. chubbyfat

    Fixing bike to trailer?!

    i would definitely get a fork support for transport. compressing your forks for extended periods of time during transport will &%$#@! up your fork guts over time. msr and pc racing i believe sell supports.
  7. chubbyfat

    My 03 WR450 just broke its conrod

    I would say troll stirring the pot reviving a post almost 2 years old
  8. chubbyfat

    More on the EFI YZ450F...(PICS)

    if you ride streetbikes it's not hard to see the wonders EFI did when it finally became mainstream. Life is soooo much less stressful with EFI. To counter what some have said here, I have felt a little low-end bog in every Japanese streetbike I've ridden so far. Nothing horrible by any means, but it is noticeable. nothing a Power Commander hasn't taken care of. I have no doubt the Japanese can come out with a strong and reliable EFI system for dirt riding. again, just look at some of the quads coming out. To you diehard carb fans, more power to ya, but i'll take EFI as soon as it comes out on dirtbikes. It is just a matter of time and I can't wait.
  9. chubbyfat

    Coming from Reno. Apex ok?

    I work at Nellis AFB and apex provides easy access. it's not small by any stretch of the imagination, but it feels like an enclosed crowded playground on the weekends. there's better areas further north off I-15. valley of fire is pretty cool and casual
  10. what's the price on the acerbis or GYT-R tank? $200+?
  11. chubbyfat

    06' stock muffler 1st plate removal & noise

    in a nutshell, yes. nothing earth shattering, but with the pmb insert and proper jetting there is definitely an increase and smoother power delivery. no doubt, worth the work.
  12. chubbyfat

    06' stock muffler 1st plate removal & noise

    there was hardly a noticeable increase in sound on my '06.
  13. chubbyfat


    I think everyone wants the best quality for their dollar and that's what this guy is not happy about. A lot of junk works as advertised but doesn't mean it's the best buy. I'm sure if he could machine his own nice aluminum plugs he would've done it instead of coming here and getting smart remarks from some pompous machining pro.
  14. chubbyfat

    2006 Yamaha WR 450f Performance Mods?

    Been reading TT religiously for the past 3 or so months before I finally registered. This is my first post since I do "shut up and listen" before I like to talk on a new subject. got a '06 wr about a week ago. Went to the TT.com shop based here in Vegas(Brian and Valerie are awesome btw), and got all the initial mod stuff since brand new the WR DOES run like complete dog sh*t. bought AIS kit, PMB insert, etc. and did all the free mod stuff. Holy moses. I'll make the point clear and repeat what a bunch of you have already said a thousand times: with these mods this bike is just plain and simple, a badass. While I have plenty of experience with 1000cc and below 4-stroke streetbikes both EFI and carb, this is my first off road four stroke. Last thing, members Indy and Arin are phenomenal. True assets to this board among you other knowledgeable types. Also, the folks at thumpertalk.com Las Vegas are cool as hell. They're only fives miles or so from my house so i'll continue to go to them for parts in the future. I have nothing to offer here just wanted to post more of the same info.