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  1. Nismopowered

    2006 sm engine is gone ideas?

    Haven't seen it in person but it looks well cared for and it's a kick start. Just had it in a shop for a tune up and carb overhaul.
  2. Nismopowered

    2006 sm engine is gone ideas?

    So my stepsons 2006 drz400sm engine is dead. 2 bent exhaust valves and the exhaust cam and head journal are torn up. Plus a few dents in the piston! So I'm looking for ideas? BB kit and hot cams? All the parts would be around $1,500. Or I found a running 2001 400 for $1300. With hot cams and FMF full exhaust. Is that the correct carb that is good? Thanks for any ideas or input!
  3. If they are to tight they burn. A little noise is a good thing as long as they are adjustable! You wouldn't want noise on a hydrolic valve.
  4. Nismopowered

    07 trucks? what to expect?

    Twin turbos is done mainly for a ruduced turbo lag not for more power. Take the supra and 300z, all the built drag cars go to a large single turbo. Ford might be doing twin turbos to increase the power band by useing smaller turbos and getting boost at a lower rpm. The new Tundra should be nice but I still like the current Tundra double cab. My brother has a Tacoma double cab with his atv in the bed and a small trailer with 3-4 dirt bikes and it does great over hwy88 to NV.