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  1. boomergf

    2009 KX450 poll for owners only

    I can't wait to get out and ride mine. I'm coming off an 07 CRF 450. I like the way it feels from the little time that I've spent on it (up and down the street if that counts looking forward to some ripping this weekend!!
  2. boomergf

    Hey guys, little video teaser for you...

    Wow, I want to ride! Great vid...man now I really can't wait for summer!!!!
  3. So I have an 09 KX450f and I purchased an aluminum throttle tube and now I can't make the housing fit around it. Am I doing something wrong? Did I get the wrong part? Or do i need a new housing now?
  4. boomergf

    5mm Higher Bars

    I'm going to try a set off a buddy of mine's bike and then I'll let you know if I like them. Is cornering with them any different?
  5. boomergf

    5mm Higher Bars

    Does anybody with the higher handlebars notice any difference in handling? I'm 6'2" and looking at purchasing pro taper mounts that sit a little higher. Anything I need to be aware of? Guys that have them, do you like them?
  6. boomergf

    Guys show me your 09s

    Can I see some updated pix of everybody's 09's? I wanna see how those mods are coming along!
  7. boomergf

    again with the new Sandbox layout (New Richmond, WI)

    Oh shoot, no I hadn't looked that close at it yet. Well, Tues out of the question then.
  8. boomergf

    New Exhaust System for an 09

    so DH you are MRD exhaust? I'm sorry if this is well known...I'm new on here. I took a look at that site. You'll have to PM me when you get an 09 system price up and ready.
  9. boomergf

    Best rowing machine?

    Concept 2...I was afraid you guys were going to say that. They had one at the gym I was at before I moved. They are really nice. I was just hoping there was a good cheaper version.
  10. boomergf

    Got my Green RG3 clamps on *Pict*

    I'm mad that you even get to ride right now! Have fun with it...I can't wait to ride mine! Just brought it home today!
  11. boomergf

    again with the new Sandbox layout (New Richmond, WI)

    Good deal. Well feel free to PM whenever you guys are going to the Sandbox. Especially if it's on a Tuesday...I have Tues off!
  12. boomergf

    again with the new Sandbox layout (New Richmond, WI)

    Are you guys fairly novice riders? If you are and would like to have another person to help split the sandbox costs, I'd be interested. I live in Rochester. Where are you guys at?
  13. boomergf

    Best rowing machine?

    Great question...I am curious as well!
  14. boomergf

    RG3 Triple clamps

    I'm waiting too!
  15. boomergf

    450 down to 250

    We'll see what happens. Hopefully I made the right choice. I'll keep you posted. Love that caps lock pic!!!