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  1. I'm with fender bender, for your size the 200 would be perfect. If your stuck on 4 strokes, the I prefer the xcf.
  2. jblefty

    Fuel Screw

    I would stay away from any aluminum ones.
  3. jblefty

    good buy or not 07 250 xcf

    Dude that's a smoking deal. I'd be very afraid of it... To good to be true. I just paid 3000 for mine.
  4. jblefty

    oil change on 2007 ktm 250sfx

    One oil for the whole engine.. Probably 20w 50 is what is speced.
  5. jblefty

    Want to buy a 525

    I sold my KTM 250 EXC about two years ago. It just wore me out sometimes. I'm getting a little older and really love my 2004 525 EXC. It'll lug all day and will rip when I need it too. Clean the filter and change the oil regularly and it will last you a long time. Checking and adjusting the valves is a piece of cake. I don't know what your market would be up there but for $3000 around here you'd probably be able to pick up an 02 model which would be the 520. Get the newest you can afford. KTM changes things yearly. Enjoy!! JB
  6. I've had my 2004 525 a year and a half now. Coming off a 250 EXC. I'm 48 now and this bike is so easy to ride. It's almost like cheating. It puts a smile on my face everytime i throw a leg over her. You can ride her a gear high all day long and just cruise cause it will pull it. Down shift and you're gone. The torque is incredible as others have said. I'll climb anything. Maintenance is a piece of cake. You will love the 525!! JB
  7. jblefty

    Scotts Stabilizer Mount Issue

    I've had a Scotts on both my bikes. I had to use a file and file away some of slag from the weld. Just make sure that the post is touching all the way around the steering head with no gaps. You may still need to do some small file work just make sure it fits tight. No welding but maybe some blue locktite. JB
  8. jblefty

    Which motor will fit my 04 YZ250F?

    It looks like the connecting rod failed and trashed the bottom end. The head and valve train are still good as well as most or all the transmission gears. Trying to decide whether to invest in another motor or sell as is. This is my spare play bike. It has some nice aftermarket stuff on it. What to do!!! JB
  9. jblefty

    Which motor will fit my 04 YZ250F?

    I think the aluminum frames started in 06. I'm not sure about the 05 fitting either. I thought they had increased the size of the swing arm bolt through the motor. I would like to find an 04 motor so there won't be any questions. JB
  10. I need a motor for a 2004 YZ250F, but not sure the 03 or 05 will work. Any ideas?? JB