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  1. bigtex

    bbr frt spring install

    bought them from bike bandit
  2. bigtex

    bbr frt spring install

    i'm installing a pair of frt bbr springs, the new springs are about 5.5" longer than stock, does anyone know if i'm suppose to eliminate the tubular spacer or do i have the wrong springs thanks
  3. bigtex

    pilot screw adjustments ???

    Hey guys/gals, my son has a ttr125, I have made a few simple mods, 17.5 pilot jet, 110 main jet, raised needle jet, air box mod. Bike runs OK, but s/plug indicates that it's running rich (black & sooty), tried adjusting pilot screw according to Instruction in previous thread, by screwing it out until peak idle, but this is opposite, I have screwed it in all the way and it still seems to need more. Any Suggestions? Bigtex
  4. bigtex

    TT R125L Boggs upon hevy throttle

    Thanks guys for the feed back, maybe I'm just being to particular., it seem to only bogg while at an idle whether it is warm or not. The bike runs great when your on it. I think i should leave well enough alone. thanks for your help
  5. bigtex

    TT R125L Boggs upon hevy throttle

    Hey Guys, I'm new to the motorcycle scene,so excuse my ignorance, I purchase a 2001 TT r125L for my 14 yr old. Great bike, I rejetted the carb with a 17.5 pilot & a 110 main jet, made air cleaner box modifications like ya'll suggested, bike starts and runs great, except at idle if you throttle down as hard as possible if fall flat on it's face. Any suggestions???