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  1. Rod Riguez

    Decompression system on my 02 250F

    Thanks swede! yea for sure, I actually got a rebuild kit for the 37mm. dealer told me it was a complete kit that included the pilot jet, main jet, needles, gaskets and accel pump and stuff. complete through kit, but well worth it. you mentioned on another thread cleaning the jet with piano wire and then maybe but, best bet is to replace it. low and behold i had piano wire and I'm quite sure after that cleaning is why the damned thing fired up. so the carb is O/haul destined. if i gotta pull the jug off this motor then, I will. I'll fix whatever the heck is wrong with it then, put that nice rebuilt carb on it. I'm gonna need to aquire a compression gauge kit. I have one for car engines but, the actual hoses won't fit in the 250F. but thats the task now and will follow thru with getting it and testing the cylinder for pressure. on a car engine typically, 125+ psi is a healthy reading for any cylnder. whats a good reading on the gauge for a 250F, cylinder?
  2. hey all! REAL quick. my 02 sat for a long time, cleaned out the carb a few times and finally got it banging...once! for a bout 5 mins. got dang hot so i killed it. left it dead for 2 weeks and this past weekend tried and would not go. Yes swede! I have a pilot jet on order cos quite frankly, you've hit the nail on the head man! so once that arrives it will be replaced. Now then! my question....... I kick her over till I'm on the high compression point then, release the excess with the lever then bring the kick starter back to high and jump on it like I'm stopping on a rat! thats cool and all but, I've noticed that, if i come up to high compression and do not release the excess with the lever but rather, keep my foot on the kick starter with pressure on it........... the kick starter will fall as if, I'm lossing compression or pulled on the lever with out having pulled on the lever. it takes a few seconds for the K/starter to begin its fall but, it does! slowly!! by all rights and logic, it should not drop unless I pull on the lever and release some of the compression right? I think I may have found the damn problem and if i'm correct, it ain't good...........crapp!!! compression leak??
  3. Rod Riguez

    02 YZ250F not starting!

    Ha ha LOL!! Rojer that Swede!! Round these here parts lives a coon, the size of a rotty. he's taken care of the cats and the Neigboors dogs. I love him/her!!!! I'm hoping he/her will take care of the neigboors too. I'de share my Becks dark with it for sure!! yes thanks man! the fire is out but will have to have a go at it again this weekend and see why, the smoke and the heat.
  4. Rod Riguez

    02 YZ250F not starting!

    Hey all, sucess!! well! somewhat. Slodad! fresh 91 octane, thank you sir! anyway, got her running. cleaned out the carb throughly ( from top to bottom!) found me a spare keihin 37mm who's pump diaprham, I used. the upper part of the carb where the slide resides....... was a mess! got it all cleaned up and decided to take the valve cover off to see what the state of affairs was in their. alls was good!! since i had that torn up, I decided to disconnect all electrical connectors and cleaned them out as well. got it all back together and jumped on it, like it was my girlfriend. AND! just like my girlfriend, took a bit of kicking and was not gonna give up that easily. suddenly, it roar to life!!! awesome!!!! however, it was smoking like a smoke bomb. ran very nice on high/choke idle then, it dropped to idle quite nicely. ran quite nice for about 5 minuts till,( smoking like hell) I noticed, the header where it goes in to the rest of the pipe was on fire and the header was glowing red hot.......dang hot!! theres some sort of gasket where the header and the rear pipe, couple. that was burning! I dropped my becks dark and ran for the kill switch. then I took my pink floyd tee shirt off and began fighting the fire. put it out, ran for the fridge, got another becks (dark) and sat in the house pist that i lost my floyd tee, burnt to a crisp! so i drank the rest of my 12 pack....quickly! just in case some other mishapp was to happen, i could not deal with loosing a becks dark , My Dark side of the moon tee! and some more beer so i drank the whole thing promptly!! have not been out to see her since yesterday..... still havent gotten over, looosing my floyd tee....
  5. Rod Riguez

    02 yz250f Help

    Need more info! was it puking coolant? did ya feel it, over revving? was it smoking? is their spark at the plug?
  6. Rod Riguez

    02 YZ250F not starting!

    Swede! Very good sir, will have a look at that jet in detail as well. ickfinger! good info sir! yes, I know for a fact my son got the 250F bug in him when he wasn't riding his 125, and did try starting it. he wanted to fire up the thumper but, was unable too. I tried as well about a year ago but nothing! so yes, the thing has been turned over a few times since it last ran. got a nice long weekend and will be giving it a go again or, trying too anyways. thanks for the info gents!
  7. Rod Riguez

    02 YZ250F not starting!

    yes swede! I have had the accel pump as a suspect cos, i didn't much like the looks of the diaprham.....thanks!! was actually looking at this one, http://www.ebay.com/itm/230789397079?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 you say, Pilot valve. is that the one that, closes fuel supply when bowl is full?
  8. Rod Riguez

    02 YZ250F not starting!

    Hey luke! LOL! no man, it ain't the air filter. cleaned it out with compressed air and its not restricted in anyway tho.......3 years old it is he he he thanks dude!
  9. Rod Riguez

    02 YZ250F not starting!

    hey all! been trying to get my bike started and alls i've netted is, a sore leg. little history first, got these, used back in 06. the 125 runs a top! my 250 tho.......not! bikes have been sitting for almost 3 years. I cleaned out the carb very good as, i'm no stranger to doing that. so, i know what cleaning one after its been sitting with fuel for so long, entails. tho I won't however, rule out the possibilitie that maybe, i did'nt do as good a job on the carb as i think. I think my issue lies else wheres. I had no fuel going into the cyl but, now i do! I Have spark and good i might add too! at least, it looks nice at the tip of the plug. spent all weekend cleaning the carb,plug and filter as well as kicking the dang thing over. actually spent half a day on the cleaning and the rest of the weekend, kick starting it or, trying too...... I get a popping every now and then but, no sing of life. Ran good the last time it was ridden 3 years ago. I'm thinking i should now proceed to a compression test before i begin to blame the valves for my problems. as i said, I have good secondary spark at the plug so, primary voltage must not be, where my issue lies.....I'm thinking. any hints, I will greatly appreciate folks, thanks in advance!
  10. Rod Riguez

    over heating

    I'm thinking maybe a lean condition (carb mount) does it Idle high?
  11. Rod Riguez

    06 250F Motor broke today

    hope they don't find a way to stick it ti ya sorry hear about that. you ever get out to south jersey........chatsworth?
  12. MX,trails, dunes, hill climbing. All !!!!......... but are A master of None 02 YZ250F and my son 04YZ125............. Rides W/ me When He Can Keep Up ......................................... ...............Ok OK!!! Geez, When I can Keep up
  13. sounds like a good deal I recently bought mine as well cost me around the same. 1st time I rode it I got some coolant leaking out of the overflow hose, scared the bejesus outta me. thought, maaaan!!! I got a bum motor. but it whent away, hasn't since. Have rode the hell out of it, alls well. very happy with it gonna try that Ice cool, coolant. as a Preventitive measure, just to be, on the safe side. I also saw where I ride, Chatsworth NJ. A guy has one with Radiator guards. In case Of a misshap on its side. 80bucks for a set. sure beats new Radiators. good luck with you'r Yzer
  14. Rod Riguez

    my 2001 yz 250f

    wow sorry to hear that!!...............500 bucks for eveything? at least ya got it back and its Running
  15. Rod Riguez

    Take Your bets# Part dos!!~~!!

    He He yup and it worked too!!! TW posted it Now we know!! And now I can get on with my life.