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  1. buddha72

    hot starter problems

    i replaced the hot start plunger yesterday, put my bike back together and now it won't run it will start and run with the choke and the hot start lever and the idle up high but as soon as i push the choke in the motor runs for a couple of seconds and then dies i have pulled it apart 4 times, can somebody help me with what i may have missed
  2. i am looking for anyone who has a 9 degree offset triple clamp for a later model ktm 04 onwards, new or secondhand, or anyone know someone that manufactures them thanks
  3. buddha72

    ktm triple clamp

    i am looking for anyone who has a 9 degree offset triple clamp for a later model ktm 04 onwards, new or secondhand, or anyone know someone that manufactures them thanks
  4. buddha72

    Broken Shift Drum

    well do tell us what the problem is, all 07 owners would be keen on some feedback
  5. buddha72

    piston maintence

    i went two years on a rmz250 ( same motor ) before the valves closed up, at the same time i checked the rings, piston and bore and the bore still had the machining marks on them and everything else was within tolerances so i put it back together and a mate of mine has it now and has put a further 12 months on the motor with no problem
  6. buddha72

    kawasaki's are piles!!

    i am now back on a kx250f 07 after 6 months on a husky 450 and there is no way i would ride another 450 of any colour. i am a 105kg ( 230 pound) c grader and the 250f rips on a sandy mx track, you just need to learn how to ride it do yourself a favour and get the 250 and stay out of hospital because those 450's are only for the brave or the stupid
  7. buddha72

    Best Slipper Clutch Option

    i put a stm in my 07 kx250f and the only tools i used was an electric rattle gun/impact wrench and 1/4 inch drive socket kit which you would have to use with any clutch removal the adjustment is made by changing the secondary spring to a higher or lower rating takes about 10 min i installed the whole clutch in about 15 mins the first time
  8. buddha72

    slipper clutch

    not a big price for motard if it saves 1 gearbox and it can be transfered between bikes when i get a new one people spend 800 + on head work, 800 on race pipes, coloured rims, other go fast useless bits and pieces but how many of these save 5 seconds a lap on the first ride, the only mod that would come close is expert suspension work but that is a black art that can go very wrong if not done properly try one if you can, faster corner speed, forks don't dive under engine braking (priceless)
  9. buddha72

    best SM tire..........

    we use michellin in brisbane australia, they make a specific motard slick. between the boys we have tried bridgestones, dunlop and maxxis on a rmz 250, husky tc450, ktm450 and 525 and have all settled on the michellins they seem to let go progressively when getting on the gas where as the others let go unpredictably
  10. buddha72

    slipper clutch

    installed a stm slippper clutch for mx the other day and it was awesome entry to corners is like riding a 2 stroke and exiting the corner is all 4 stroke power i have a habit of getting off the gas too early into a corner and having to get back on it for a bit to keep a decent corner speed, problem solved roll off the power and the bike now freewheels into the corner. within 5 laps i shaved 5 seconds a lap of my times and by the end of the day at my local track ( deep sandy/loam ) i was still 5 seconds faster but now over foot high braking bumps and foot peg deep ruts. no more engine braking on jump faces if any of you have the oportunity to try a slipper clutch i would jump at the chance they are sweet, can't wait for the first round of the supermotard
  11. buddha72

    O7 valve clearance checked

    kawasaki australia told me to set both inlet and exhaust valves at .20 and not to take any notice of the manual for my 07 and when i had an 05 i was told that as well set my new 07 up at that after 2 hrs
  12. both sides of the shim are hardened so either way is fine unless you have ground down a shim to get the correct clearances, in which case the ground side must go against the bucket
  13. buddha72

    brand new 07 kx250f

    i have half run it in and found the front to be very harsh, i weigh 100+ kg and i assume it is alredy past the initial plush stroke. the problem i have is i am away with work and am due to race the day after i get home, so i need a starting point with the clickers that will get me through the day the track is sandy loam with big braking and accelerating bumps growing through the day can somebody help me with the clicker settings
  14. buddha72

    What other mods should i do?

    suspension set up done professionally should be the first thing any body ever does, valving , springs, oil level, ride height in the clamps, static sag and rider sag. this should take many rides to get it right and will do more for your overall speed than any engine mods, you can have all the horse power in the world but a rider who has been beaten around by poorly tuned suspension is going to make big mistakes at the end of half hour motos
  15. buddha72

    New 07, 10 mins ride half thrott. Doesnt seem right...

    the shop told me on the first ride or 2 they will run hotter as there is more friction in the parts as they all bed into each other. the smell might be the coating on the alloy head and barrel to stop any oxidisation in transit, is the barrel discoloured now in any way a little darker possibly a little brown. i was told to give mine a good wash before i even started it buddha