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  1. -RinGo-

    RC AMA Points....it's over....

    Yeah because if the riders weren't American it wouldn't be "awesome" would it
  2. -RinGo-

    RC AMA Points....it's over....

    I thought I would just post that I am not trying to upset anyone, I am trying to understand the logic, thats all. Seems to me that no matter what CR does he will never be truly accepted, and as an aussie, I am standing up for him.
  3. -RinGo-

    RC AMA Points....it's over....

    But earlier someone said that whoever has the most points is the champion?? How come CR isn't considered the champ from 2004, even though he had the most points?! He has the most points now and most people still seem to think he hasn't earnt them!!!! at the hypocracy! TF was the champ in 98 without even winning a race... did his major competition have crashes through out the season? Its not Reed's fault RC's bike failed and he had to pull off the track and its not Reeds fault bubba couldn't start his bike... Some people here argue that Kdub has more talent that RC, are you writing off Kdubs talent because RC wasn't there? If Kdub is more talented, then surely beating him for the 2004 title was enough...
  4. -RinGo-

    RC AMA Points....it's over....

    Every season CR has made a charge in the last half... he won how many in a row last year? Was it 6? He even had more race wins than RC at the end of the season but yet because RC had more points he was the champ. So does that mean consistency is the name of the game (ala TF in 98 not winning one race)? I think so. You don't get aussies coming over here saying "Well if Reed had've been more consistent last year he would've won" but I can gaurentee that if RC's points weren't reinstated and the shoe was on YOUR foot then YOU WOULD be angry and bitter and you wouldn't acknowledge CR's skill. I am sorry but the hypocracy shown is just amazing. Blinded by the fact that there are other people in the world, amazing. And my point is proven. Well done champ. This is a waste of time (like the AMA ). I will probably just be booed off the screen here but I don't care, someone had to say it. PS - I recognize that there are US people here who are angry at the situation too and who genuinely think that CR deserves his rightful position at the top (HE EARNED IT!) and to you I thank, but to everyone else stand up and recognize the work and dedication shown by people other than RC and JBS.
  5. -RinGo-

    RC AMA Points....it's over....

    Rofl! F*cken typical reponse. I bet you are one of those people who think he didn't earn the 2004 SX championship just because RC was out...
  6. -RinGo-

    RC AMA Points....it's over....

    Well, as an Australian who follows Chad Reed, I am of course disapointed in what happened. But hey, these things happen. Reading an article from Racer X it sounds as if both the AMA and FIM need to start working together a bit more. The whole thing was just a testing discrepancy and it makes the sport and the governing bodies look like amatuers. This series is meant to be the pinnacle of SX and its being turned into an absolute farse. Kawasaki and Yamaha have been stung by the "illegal fuel" ruling in the past and their riders copped it on the chin and moved on. I even remember reading those exact words in ADB (Australasain Dirtbike Mag) in Chad Reeds monthly article, he was spewing but he just got on with the job! So did Bubba and Burner... and everyone else... however, Suzuki get stung and they have a cry, threatening to pull out their leading rider "in case of injury" before the outdoors... pfft what a load of rubbish. This is just crazy, because not only does the sport look amatuer (ala fuel testing!), but so does the factory Suzuki team! It's definetly a dark time for SX. On the up side, at least if Reed wins, it will be because he earned it (not that he wouldn't have anyway, he works hard like every other rider out there)... however, like others have already posted, if there is less than 25 points in it (which there will be...) I am sure Yamaha and Kawasaki will have things to say. EDIT - I might be biased towards reed, but most of these posts are biased towards RC, so Cheers. PS - Go Reed!