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    guys show me your kawasakis

    Here is my 07 250f frame, 08 450f suspension, 08 250f subframe, 06 250 wheels and 95 250 motor.

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    Here is my 07 kx250f with 08 kx450 suspension, 08 kx250f subframe, 06 kx250 wheels and radiators, and a 95 kx250 ported and polished motor

    2006 Engine Troubles

    I am doing a top end on my 05 and saved a lot of money getting parts off of ebay. I found a wiseco piston kit with a top end gasket set for $90. Once I took it all apart, the cylinder plating was ok, but I decided to send it off to Millenium technologies to have it plated $200. To have the head machined is around $100 plus valves etc...You will have to do what I did and rip into it then buy the parts you need. Thats cool you doing it to help a friend out. Good luck with it.
  4. I just recently picked up an 05 450 after coming off a 2 stroke for the past few years. I pulled the carb and cleaned it, new plug, checked the valves and set the timing chain and put it all back together. I had troubles getting used to the 4 stroke starting and realized it was my fuel screw. I bought an adjustable one and didn't want to pull my carb again, so i had a stubby skinny screwdriver about an 1 1/2" long and backed out my fuel screw and put in this one. http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/43/53/213/1151/-/13581/Tusk-Fuel-Mixture-Screw?term=fuel%20screw Now when temps, humidity etc changes I can adjust it easily. If you dont have a screw driver that small, you will have to loosen the carb clamps and rotate the carb around enough to get the fuel screw and remove it that way. Hope that helps

    Cr250 running out of gas abnormally fast

    I just jumped back to 2 smokes a couple years ago. I joke to everyone that my 04 cr250 must be bored out to a v10 because it sucks down the gas faster than I can pour it in! If you are going thru gas that fast though, there must be a crack/leak somewhere.

    Honda Two Stroke Video?

    I am pretty sure you are refering to the Steve Mcqueen Honda commercial. Hope this helps..

    2004 CR 250

    Sweet bike! I have an 04 and love it. I have had may newer 4 strokes and wouldn't trade it for any of them.

    2005 cr 125 carb problem

    How many turns out is your pilot screw? What altitude are you at?

    premix oil

    Just don't intermix them. Run your tank dry before swithching to a differerent brand and you will be fine.
  10. DOSHOW

    Powder coating my engine

    Go to any auto parts store and get some engine enamel. It holds up well and can withstand the heat of the motor also...
  11. DOSHOW

    2004 CR250 SEAT QUESTION

    Thanks, I appreciate it!
  12. DOSHOW

    2004 CR250 SEAT QUESTION

    I want to get an extra seat for my 04 and I am wondering what other years will fit it????
  13. DOSHOW

    frame weld

    My son has an 02 cr125 and I have an 04 250 and neither of them look like that. It looks like it has been rewelded to me.....especially the first picture!
  14. I just sold my 06 YZ450, decided to go 2 stroke again. I bought an 04 CR250 and also got an 04 cr125 that needed a complete rebuild. The 125 has little low end, but you keep the rmp's up and flick the clutch and it really rips! You will love it.
  15. I have a 76 Yamaha YZ125 that needs a new bottom end. I would prefer to get a complete crankshaft (aftermarket) but I can't seem to find anything! I am also having troubles finding main bearings and seals. If anyone could steer me in the right direction I would appreciate it.