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  1. first things first! buy yourself a scotts stainless steel oil filter,a couple of twin air airfilters a #45 pilot jet. Install pilot jet. stock jetting is way too lean! fuel screw 2 turns out. oil chng after break in and every 5 hours thereafter, air filter after every ride
  2. your problem is probably the wiring harness as tis has been a problem with the yamaha for the last few years and is usually found in the connection with the coil.remove it and check for any melted or discolored terminals or if you know someone who has one you can swap out for a test. make sure to silicone all connections when installing new harness.This problem happened to us on two different yz's
  3. 06yz250f 180main 45pilot 70 leak fuel screw,pro circuit, 2 turns out Boysen accelerator pump cover FMF Megabomb header with 4.1 factory silencer Enzo suspension Braking oversize front rotor kit Renthal sprockets 13/49 THIS BIKE RIPS!!!!!!
  4. The mega bomb header along with the 4.1 factory silencer is a system that works extremely well on the 06 250f. If you decide to buy one you can expect a 2 to 2 1/2 horsepower gain from a stock motor. Throw away the power now they don't work! Try the Boysen quick shot accelerator pump cover with a 45 pilot jet,70 leak jet,180 main jet with pilot screw at 2 1/4 turns out.Also it is very important to repack silencer every 20 to 30 hours
  5. going to but a 06 250f but now i hear that they are blowing up due to a problem with the dry sump and screen and oil flow problems