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  1. mikeolichney

    Berthoud WORCS, some more INFO

    Hey Hokie, how's it going? How was your wedding? I moved to Parker. I haven't gone to Berthoud (or any MX) since Feb, I will probably drop down to Senior B. My 02 CRF is clapped out and I really am looking forward to the 05's coming in. What ya riding these days?
  2. mikeolichney

    Taylor Park

    We rode Fossil Ridge two weekends ago. A must-do. Doubletop is my other favorite up there.
  3. mikeolichney

    '03 CRF 450 - won't start???

    Mine became hard to start when cold last month. I checked the ACR gap and the valves, all were in spec (at nearly 200 hours with no adjustment needed, but constant checking!) I noticed that my compression is very high-it turns out that I have carbon build-up in mine. I doubt that is your problem at 25 hours. THe weather fluctuates alot here and I just leave the bike jetted for cold weather-I guess I need to be more fussy, or use better gas.
  4. mikeolichney

    Best Torquewrench for the $$

    My Craftsman broke in the same way. I had the same disappointing discovery about the warantee.
  5. mikeolichney

    Bertoud 1-11-04

    Jeff, right? I think we spoke briefly while I was trying to sort out what had happened to the scoring in the senior class. I was the guy with the beard at the computer. It looks like I need to knock you down at the start. You crashed and still beat me! I thought I had a great race. Let me know next time you come up to Berthoud and maybe we can ride together. Congrats on your finish and being 3rd in the points!
  6. mikeolichney

    Bertoud 1-11-04

    Thanks, scoring went smooth except Senior class, where there were 2 mistakes made at the gates. I ended up 6th Senior A, had a great race, no falls at all. Perfect conditions and weather, if only they were all that way! We should all try to get together at the next one. Hokie, you looked like you wer going good to me- are you not happy with the 2S?
  7. mikeolichney

    berthod h/s

    I despise mud, and unfortunately I think this will be the muddiest race yet. I live nearby and we still have a lot of snow on the ground. I think it will be another airless, putt around ride for me. I will take that dusty first race any day over the last two. Pirox, I may be able to meet you Friday. I have a Red F150, riding CRF #520.
  8. mikeolichney

    2002 Valves

    I also have an 02, over 150 hours and still haven't had to shim. I still have the stock airbox with no problems.
  9. mikeolichney


    The truck stop at I25 and highway 52 advertises "real gas" not 10% alcohol. Never had any problem with that gas, but I had some very big problems with Boulder County station gas in my old YZ426.
  10. mikeolichney

    Berthoud mud scrambles

    Kent, I just looked at the results, you were 2nd. A guy named Tom was 4th. You were 5th after the first lap but really caught your competition in the last few laps. (Good job!)
  11. mikeolichney

    Berthoud mud scrambles

    I have the scoring spreadsheets (what they post on the wall, not the series results) for vet and senior if anyone wants them. If anyone wants to post a pic they can, I don't have a way to get it on the net.
  12. mikeolichney

    They caught Saddam Hussein!! WOO HOO!

    What comes around goes around. As in a short drop and sudden stop. I hope the Iraqis get to try him rather than the international community.
  13. mikeolichney

    Auto clutch fun?

    I just finished a very muddy 2+ hours HS yesterday, and the Revloc saved my butt. Amazing traction and no stalls. The only thing I was more happy to have was rolloffs on my goggles. Everyone else I talked to stalled at least 4 times. BTW, I took a YZ426 CR lever and made a clutch lever out of it, and put a rear brake lever on my bars. I hardly ever use the footbrake anymore. You can drag the rear brake going into corners with your foot out, and the front really bites in. And I use the clutch so little I might as well take it off. I could never go back to the standard setup now.
  14. mikeolichney

    Berthoud mud scrambles

    I was gripped the whole time. I managed 7th in Senior A, and that must have been because other people were crashing. I was just putting around on the tracks. I couldn't believe people were not passing me, I was going so slow. That is the second time I had to race in a mud milkshake and it wasn't any more fun this time. I lost count of my close calls. The best thing I did was put a rolloff equipped set on goggles on. I went through a whole roll of film, but those things were a lifesaver. I must have pulled the string 30 times. The next best thing was the Revloc clutch, no stalls and amazing hookup. Still, a couple of guys beat me that I came in ahead of in past races, so I have no one to blame but myself. I still feel that I rode like a grandma. No more mud races please. I will take some dust on the next go round.
  15. mikeolichney

    Anybody ever do a Marathon???

    I have done six of them, 4 in Hawaii, 1 in Napa Valley, and one in Austin. (But the four in Hawaii included a 2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bike as a warmup). I have run over 26 miles in training many times. They are easy (if you train right) until mile 22. My first was in Austin when I was 19. I was way sub 3 hours until mile 22. In a mile I went from hauling to walking. Most of the running I did from there on was the intestinal kind. I got really dehydrated from not drinking. So learn to drink while you train. Don't wait until the race, its not easy to get adjusted to running and drinking. Learning to get fluids down is so important in those long races.