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  1. my my eddie you are fast in replying...., Thanks a million...
  2. thank eddie.. so why is there a gps then...? I'm just curious.. thanks again...
  3. Anyone...?
  4. Hey all, I've very curious that there a Gear Position Sensor on my K6 Drz SM..? On the S manual The GPS is present BUT no mentioned on it.. Not too sure of the E manual I would like to know - 1) Has it got a retard on the gear at 5th gear? 2) Can we need to Instal a TRE? 3) Is it like when 2 strokes riders switched to 4 strokes and they are just eliminate engine braking..? Thank you very much for any input.. ghost outzz..
  5. But i tot the the E ID is 41mm which is the same as the S/SM OD which is also 41 mm unless you force it in...?
  6. Thank you very much for all your responses.....!!!
  7. Thank burned for replying Just another question.. including the exhaust port? then what do people do to achieve 12.2 compression..?
  8. Hey all i'm just curious as i've just found out that the drz e has the same part number as the s/sm.. BUT the drz e head has a different from the drz s/sm.. For all those that has done the drz e gasket change did you guys find any difference before fitting it in? thank you so very much ghost outzz....