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  1. cmcginty

    Apple Valley CA DSing

    Me to, Chris in Victorville. DRZ400s
  2. cmcginty

    exhaust leak

    What can I use to fix exhaust leak between head pipe and slip on exhaust? Thanks
  3. cmcginty

    daily commuter

    Thanks for the replies and your inputs. I wish I had the money to buy 2 bikes but that is not possible at this time. When I said it was a 26 mile commute I meant that as round trip mileage. The ride each day would consist of side streets, 2 lane highways and some dirt roads and trails throgh Apple Valley.
  4. cmcginty

    daily commuter

    I was wondering if anyone is using there te450 or te510 as a daily commuter. I am looking to get a dual sport bike but will want to be able to do a 26 mile commute back and forth to work during the week. I called one shop and they wanted to sell me a te610 said it would be better suited for riding on the street, but I am afraid it will be to heavy riding in the dirt. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  5. cmcginty

    Gas Gas 450fse

    I'm looking into buying a new GasGas 450se anybody have any input Thanks