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  1. ntomkins

    DRZ Cylinder head woes

    What is a MCCT? Hope its OK to lap the valves ...... coz ther dun!
  2. ntomkins

    DRZ Cylinder head woes

    So here's the deal: I rebuilt the motor and replaced anything that seamed to be worn, including replacing the camchain tensioner from the old early type to the newer (2003) ratchet type. Well, the newer tensioner at full extend does not protrude as far as the older type. So, with my existing (stretched) camchain in there, it didn't remove all the slack. IT WAS THE CAMCHAIN knocking against the front guide that was making the noise, the problem was not there before because the older tensioner fitted took up the slack! I put in a new camchain: PROBLEM FIXED! So if anyone out there has the same issue you know one more thing to look for! Thanks all Ant
  3. ntomkins

    DRZ Cylinder head woes

    Thanks Noble, My de-comp seems to be there without any signs of breakage, maybe I'll take it off anyhow. I do like being able to kick the bike over without even touching the de-comp lever, especially when I'm stuck half way up a knarly trail, knackered after dropping the bike! To answer your first Q, I bought the bike and the engine was stripped by the previous owner, the shop wanted too much money to rebuild it (only needed 2 new gears and a few other things), so I went throught the head as a matter of course.
  4. ntomkins

    DRZ Cylinder head woes

    My first post, thanks for helping. OK...I just re-built the head on my 2002 DR Z400, and its noisey, like the tappet gaps are too big kind of ticking right throught the rev range. Valve side to side movenent in the guides was at .008" (wear limit is .014"), valve faces super nice (lapped in), Buckets nice and snug, clearances all within tolerances (0.1-0.2mm inlet, 0.2mm-0.3mm exhaust,motor cold). I have had the cover off a second time and double checked the clearances! Please help. Anyone had problems with the automatic de-comp mechanism on the right hand exhaust cam? looks too simple to have any issues. I have put the uprated (newer) cam chain tensioner on also and the chain seems nice and tight. Motor starts well and runs strong but has this over loud ticking noise (I have compared it to other DRZ's (3)!!! Any help/suggestions gratefully rec'd. I'm now off to work but will log on later. Thanks again Ant