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  1. husktm7

    BMW 450 enduro?

    www.bmwrevlolution.com kudos to bmw for releasing a well-tested, baby-brother HP2 project bike. even though the purchase of husky may ultimately take bmw in another enduro direction...this is surely a bike any off-road enthusiast would be proud to have in his/her garage....and...more importantly...out in the open dirt. despite my crusty, cantankerous cynicism....i think they got it right...and...any monetary loss for BMW on this project will be my adrenaline's gain.
  2. husktm7

    New BMW G450X Supermoto

    cool....another bmw engineer project bike that may or may not come to market. maybe they can parade it around motorcycle shows all next winter...with hypothetical delivery in the early spring of '09. look at the pretty pictures and touch the pretty factory bike at the shows....just don't ask to ride one.
  3. husktm7

    moving to SC hilton head how the mx down there

    i have to second Halfcab76's quip. the only doubles and triples on hilton head are bogies...and...a table top refers to an elevated green. also, justin has a few good ideas...but...NC is a long bloody way from hilton head.
  4. husktm7

    BMW 450 enduro?

    we are all pre-production pundits with a passion for posting...stay tuned. actions speak louder than words. in that regard, malcolm smith spent eight weeks trying to dump his bmw franchise for exceptionally cheap money...out of frustration. in fact, it's still listed for sale on the website (as of today)...although...i've heard things have since "smoothed over". to me, that speaks volumes.
  5. husktm7

    BMW 450 enduro?

    delivery date...or lack thereof.
  6. husktm7

    BMW 450 enduro?

    the 450 is/was a fun little project for a few of the engineers in germany. bmw threw some tech R & D and some marketing muscle behind it (i.e....the audacity to parade it around motorcycle shows since last fall). simply stated, those of us who waited for one are extremely disappointed...and...those who think they know the answers re a) when..and whether this thing will ultimately be street legal....are guessing. never blame the dealers...it's their sad job to smooth over german stoicism. lastly, the BMWUSA crew in NJ are clueless, backslapping yes-men. quite candidly, i couldn't even guess what they do all day.
  7. husktm7

    BMW Launches 2009 G 650 Xcountry With Lower Seat Height

    i definitely agree. anyone over 5'6" with even a modest amount of experience should be able get acclimated and feel comfortable on the (non-lowered seat) bike in a very short period of time. i guess it makes for great motorcycle magazine newsstand debate though. quite candidly, i think the new scooped-out 1200 GS looks ridiculous. i come from a family of BMW owners and we grow more disappointed every day....designs are a bit too flashy, the 650 group of bikes will never carve out a niche, and with several family members waiting for the 450 that was paraded around motorcycle shows 7 months ago...we're told...not this summer...and quite possibly...not street legal. stated differently, buying husqvarna might complete their line....because...their efforts in taking a stab at it...umm....we're really lightweight.
  8. gus, i'm surprised bmw didn't have the foresight to do this sooner...instead of developing a line of 650 bikes that all seem to have identity crises. and now they're continuing to test a new 450 dirt bike, due in dealerships sometime in '09. stay tuned, i guess. more relevant to your question re "mom and pop" shops...suffice to say, i only hope that the new "corporate entity" will be as loyal to the george erls and ron bishops of the world...as they have been to husky. i could ramble on...but i think that sums it up.
  9. husktm7


    husky?...i think not...too radical a move for BMW....they move in baby steps into new markets for risk of diluting the "brand". they'll test the waters with the new enduro and supermoto bikes...and go from there. remember, buying husky would mean some semblance of a commitment to MX, not just big butt enduro...i don't see it.
  10. i believe it's "generally" accepted that the XC would be the best (KTM) option for a baja 500 or 1000 race...but...can someone delineate for me the major disadvantages of making the trek on an EXC or SX.....feel free to discuss sprockets, bars/mounts, exhaust can, tank, stator, etc. all input/insights greatly appreciated.
  11. husktm7

    Which import would you rather take home...

    both the bike and the gal have had some great aftermarket enhancements....
  12. husktm7

    Any groups in the New Hampshire area?

    mvtr.org seacoasttrailriders.org either of those groups should be helpful re trails, events, etc. enjoy the warmer weather.
  13. husktm7

    Tell me what is wrong with Husqvarnas?

    on a substantive note, comments about the sparse dealer network are valid -- but only in some sections of the country.....on a nitpicky note, why do i want to ride a bike that shouts "i ride for team sweden but i'm made in italy."...?....the TE blue and yellow have to go. maybe husky design team should look at pics of mike kay's TE 510.
  14. husktm7

    anyone going to the World Enduro Race in NY?

    re Hancock NY....re July....re World Enduro.....3 words of advice....book hotel soon!
  15. husktm7

    2006 TE250 for new dirt rider?

    i would tend to take issue (possibly)with many "thumbs-up" responses. firstly, what bike did she take the MSF dirt-bike course on? how comfortable was she? getting acclimated to this bike has as much to do with getting accustomed to it's "stature" (for someone 5'7") as it does "learning it's power" (as you say). confidence in the saddle is really important for new trail riders....if she has her trepidations, i'd pick up a used dual-sport for the 1st season. if she sits on, or tests, a TE250, and is comfortable right away....then more power (1/4 liter) to her.