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    need you ask? motocross, duh!
  1. cthondarider

    ktms' forged pistons?

    Vertex pistons, last time I checked are all cast. Newer casting processes are very good but dont eliminate tiny voids in the casting itself and they arent as strong. A forged piece will ALWAYS be stronger/ last longer than a comparative cast piece. Wiseco pistons are all forged...
  2. cthondarider

    Leo Vince exhaust?

    I have an LV on my stock 06. The things awesome, it fockin rips:thumbsup: The one i have is the titanium head pipe and carbon canister. great fit and incredible craftsmanship.
  3. cthondarider

    06 CRF 450, should I do it?

    The 450 is mine. I dont have a ton of motivation to sell it. Ive tried a few forum site, ebay too. I havent got any interest. I was trying to get 3500 but no one wanted it. Ideally i was looking to get a 144 but ill trade for the 125 and just buy a 250 this winter. That way i can ride both classes. The reason for going from a 450 to a 125 for me is simple. I am taking a major step back from racing. With as much as im working now i want to ride to have fun more so then to race. Being 145 lbs on a 450, i definetly have to work to handle the bike. 125 is definetly an awesome playbike. I had an 03 ktm 125 and am looking forward to another one.
  4. cthondarider

    Just got my 08 home

    Just an fyi, its always better to break the suspension in before doing any work to it. As the suspension breaks in initially it will dirty the oil quickly. After the first 10-20 hours is a good time to get it serviced. Btw, nice bike!
  5. cthondarider

    KTM 85/105 XC's

    I imagine they softened the suspension and are running differant valving. They could also very well have different porting or a flywheel weight to smooth out the power. Thats only a guess though.
  6. cthondarider

    New 07 KX250F, What Mods Immediately?

    Sure you dont... I run a skid (or I guess you could call it a glide) plate. Its a nice piece of mind, especially if you run in any amount of rocks. Radiator gaurds (what i should have said were braces) but moose make a nice guard/ brace... These are just about mandatory for any bike. Ive bought too many radiators not to run them. Hand guards, I run a mx set, but I race. If I wasn't racing I wouldn't run em. Then on my ktm i was running a case guard for the hydro slave, little things like that. Id rather spend a little more for simple things like that then for bigger repairs later on.
  7. cthondarider

    New 07 KX250F, What Mods Immediately?

    I cant believe no one has said it... The very first thing you should do to ANY bike is set the sag, period. Following closely is an hour meter (which should be installed right away to be accurate) These are critical to proper maintenance on a 4 stroke. Also a few things I always do are a skid plate, radiator gaurds, hand gaurds, etc. I wait for anything performance related. Btw, suspension should be broken in before its messed with (ie, rebuild/ revalve)
  8. cthondarider

    Kx 65 swinger...PICS!

    Ahaha thats funny...Why should you learn how to type? Because when people read what you've written they are more likely to take you seriously if you've attempted to write something that even resembles proper english. Im not saying im perfect, but i put in an effort. I never said entire linkage, I said linkage mount, quite clearly too...My point was thats leaving the mount is no worse than using a stock wheel. At least theres reasoning behind me using the stock wheel. Kx 65 forks are NOT better than kx 85 forks:p I cant believe its not obvious why I ran the drum... Hell, I even said why. I couldn't afford the wheel and brake setup. Soon enough I will have a disc setup when I can afford it. The motor and front end are more important, so thats what I'm going to focus on.
  9. cthondarider

    Kx 65 swinger...PICS!

    First, learn how to type... Second, I dont care if you think it looks stupid with drum brakes. I used what i had. For the time being, until i go discs it works fine. As for looking dumb/ fugly...You still have the linkage mount under your swingarm...Give me a break buddy... No kx 65 forks, im not wasting the time and money. As for what im gonna do, they arent going to be anything off the shelf but they will be inverted and they will be sick. What am I gonna run? Time will tell... As for the shock failing...It hasnt yet, although I am redesigning the rear shock setup a little bit. Here some newer pics: Kitaco 143se, Oil cooler, fmf 4.1, fastway pegs, new sprockets/ chain, graphics, plastics, bbr output, chp quick shift, 4 speed drum, shift star, there more i just cant think of it all... Since these pics the seat cover was actually installed, numbers and the chain...It fockin rips:ride:
  10. cthondarider

    kx 85...How many spokes?

    Like the post says, anyone know how many spokes on the front wheel? Thanks guys!
  11. cthondarider

    ktm 144 coming from crf450

    Wow, if there was ever a post for me..Im currently a 150lb 250b rider on a crf450 and just went to get approved for financing on a 08 144... I cant wait to be back on a 2 stroke:ride:
  12. cthondarider

    Reliability 125SX vs. 144SX?

    These problem were fixed under warranty. Im just about to buy an 08 144. Every ktm 2 stroke ive ever owned (or my buddies have owned) has been incredible. I wouldnt think these are any differant. Most reliable 2 strokes made.
  13. cthondarider

    2002 Klx 110

    Motor was redesigned for 03 so the 02 cant get some parts (mainly the crank) As far as what does and doesnt fit, i think thats about ti.
  14. cthondarider

    Kx 65 swinger...PICS!

    Didnt do anything to the frame. All the work was done on the swing arm. Well I lie, I did add an upper shock mount.
  15. cthondarider

    klx trade

    Id do it... try selling you 85... youll be lucky to get 1500 for it. 110 all the way.