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  1. Here are a few pictures of my project. Still have things to do......
  2. Here is a link for just a tail light.
  3. Best guards out there.....
  4. Just finished up my install. With the GPR stabilizer I had to flip the main bracket upside down and mill out clearance for the GPR. With some longer bolts and an inch spacer it came together nicely. Just need to buy the lights now..
  5. First, I have to ask how a light, during the day is annoying? lol I just ran a switch to mine from Tusk. Lets me run Low/High beam and turn it off, works great.
  6. Addicted to life behind bars! lol
  7. Random Shot of my 2012 X
  8. I was wondering the same thing, My brother had an extra Rear hub for his 2006 CRF/R. Looked up mine 2012 CRF/X under OEM parts on Rocky Mountain ATV. Both 2006R and 2012X......Same Part Number. Front hub will be different with the odometer on the X. but if you remove the odometer not sure if its the same width. 2012X Rear Hub 10 42635-KRN-710 HUB SUB-ASSY., RR 2006R Rear Hub 10 42635-KRN-710 HUB SUB-ASSY., RR.
  9. I have the Trail Tech Voyager on my 2012 CRF450X. From what I understand the Protector will mess with the GPS signal. So I bought the external antenna. I do plenty of long distance (200 mile+) rides and this thing tracks very well. I use a program to convert the file from GPX to KMZ and its right on the roads and trails I take. When I draw out routes on Google earth and convert that the GPX and upload it to my voyager its right on the money when I follow it on the ride. I love it!! Even Tracked very well in this deep canyon.
  10. Easy access for charging
  11. 0 comments

    Best Off-road Motorcycle
    Best Off-road Motorcycle
  12. Its from GPR. Its the complete stabilizer kit.