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  1. I'm looking for a good quality set of MX boots, which are easy enough to get. My problem is I need them in size 9.5 and that is difficult to find. I have a set of both 9 and 10 Thor boots. Neither work well for me. Most manufacturers don't seem to make half sizes. Anyone else have this problem or know of a company that makes size 9.5 boots.
  2. SaskXR

    85 XR250R ignition woes

    Well the new ricky stator arrived. I installed it last night. I checked for spark at the plug and she made a nice fat blue one. I stuck it all back together and on the third kick she fired right up. Now she has a new little problem the kick start mechanism seems to be stuck engaged. When the bike runs you can hear the kick start drive sprocket free wheeling as the motor runs. So it's not quite ready but it's closer.
  3. SaskXR

    85 XR250R ignition woes

    I'm surprised that it makes 60 just by turning it over by hand. That explains why I've got no spark it only has a tenth of the nessasry voltage. Actually this bike doesn't have a regulator. Which explains why it killed tail lights. The manual shows a honda regulator kit that was an upgrade for it. I'll order up a new stator on tuesday I hope this finally fixes the problem.
  4. SaskXR

    85 XR250R ignition woes

    Well looks like your the man to listen to. Is the stator one big series circuit or is it parallel with each pole being a separate winding? I wonder if it's possible that the rotor has lost it's magnetism?
  5. SaskXR

    85 XR250R ignition woes

    Well I checked the stator 6-7 volts so I think it's good. I also checked right at the cdi box and it had voltage as well. I guess it must be the signal generator.
  6. SaskXR

    85 XR250R ignition woes

    Yea when I tried that I was kinda desperate to find something and I was prettys sure there would be nothing there. I'll try this today and see what I find. Do you think over heating would kill the stator?
  7. SaskXR

    85 XR250R ignition woes

    Kill switch checks out fine. I've wrapped my hand around the plug and had my buddy kick the bike for all he's worth but nothing, no tingle or spark. there is really only one ground wire connection on the frame it is tight and secure. It's a straight dirt bike so no switch.
  8. SaskXR

    85 XR250R ignition woes

    I'm all most done the rebuilding of my XR250R. Now is the time to fire it back up, just one little problem no spark. I bought a few parts for it, new cdi, didn't help. New coil, still nothing. I checked all the wiring harness with my fluke meter, all is good. Signal generatior coil checks out good at 460 ohms. Ignitor coil reads 66.9 ohms. I'm not sure if that is ok or not. My manual reads that it should be low and that infinite is bad so I'm assumeing it's ok. When kicking the bike over it never fires and the lights don't flicker at all. It's been so long since it last ran I can't remember if they should or not. I'm at a bit of a loss as what to do now. Can the signal generator be installed improperly? Is the stator bad? It's 400 bucks for a new one so I don't really want to just throw one on to see.
  9. SaskXR

    The 1985 XR350R

    This is an excellant thread! I have an 85 250 a friend and I are just getting running. It had a cracked head, we got a new one and now the motor is all back togther in the bike. No spark though so looks like we need a new cdi for it. Unfortunatly we lost the clutch cable brcket that holds it to the crank case. Could any one post a good picture of one so we have an idea of what to fabricate. I'm sure the springs will need to be changed what is the recipe for setting it up for a 200 pound man? here she is stripped
  10. SaskXR


    Really! you can actually ride that heavy pig of a bike? Wow you must be like 300 pounds of muscle or something.
  11. SaskXR


    Anyone here ever ridden there?