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  1. Are you sure that you lost the threads on the crank? They're hardened so generally the nut is the "fusible link" and the threads on the nut go first...
  2. Mysunnshine

    Powdercoater is taking responsibility!!

    A hot-air gun or hair dryer will melt the glue from the glue gun... That probably would be a better alternative to drilling...
  3. Mysunnshine

    Powdercoater is taking responsibility!!

    I'm just trying to make the comment that nobody can do the work the same as you would. I'm in the "custom vehicle" business and when I need to get somebody else to do some work for me, I assume that it'll always be wrong. Damn near everybody in the world will not treat your stuff the same as you would. I just assume the worst that they could do and then I do everything I can on my side to avoid that. The extra time it takes me to prepare a part will save me in the long run just like the circumstances your in. Depending on the powdercoater, some can not use the rubber plugs when they bake the part. Speaking of that, how can you expect a rubber plug that just pushes in the hole in to seal off the cavity to not allow ANY of the media to pass by it. The media will chase down the threads even with a plug there. I don't mean to beat ya up but things could have turned out differently for you... Sunshine
  4. Mysunnshine

    Powdercoater is taking responsibility!!

    Ultimately it was YOUR responsibility to ensure that the oil tank was sealed enough to keep the media out of it. You knew enough to know it may be an issue before you brought them the frame so you should have plugged the holes yourself. The last frame I sent out for powdercoat I hammered in some freeze plugs to seal the areas that I did not want the media to get into. So how did you expect them to keep the oil tank clean?
  5. If the magnets weren't so strong it would probably rev quicker also..
  6. Mysunnshine

    How to drift the rear on pavement?

    Ever heard of doing a "Wiley Coyote"? That's what you'll do whan the rear tire hooks back up. Better get some AFLAC...LOL
  7. Mysunnshine

    Pictures of my timing problem and apology

    So what is the dimension for 10 links to verify that it is stretched? To me, the cam chain does look stretched... Sunshine
  8. Mysunnshine

    Dyno a KLX

    Then it comes down to types of fuels used, engine temperature, water temps, chain tension, how clean the filter is, etc....
  9. Mysunnshine

    Dyno a KLX

    The dyno is only as good as the operator. If they use a "sniffer", there is a time lag between what is actually happeneing and what is read on the screen. You just have to remember that a dyno isn't real world stuff so the loads created on there will not be the same as what you might encounter actually riding. Tuning with a dyno can only truely be done with a eddy-current style with a load cell. Sunshine