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  1. desrtracr

    Helmet suggestions?

    i've had 2 mid range hjc helmets that have suvived 4 really bad crashes and had only 2 concusions so far so good.
  2. desrtracr

    The One!!!!

  3. desrtracr

    What tires are you guys running?

    make sure you have good hand guards there's cacti that will go right thru plastic out here and some bushes that will eat your knuckles.
  4. desrtracr

    OEM Plastic

    no it's not
  5. desrtracr

    04-05 rm250 or older AIR COOLED 250?

    get a drz400E, best trail bike i've ever had i dont hardly ride my rm anymore.
  6. desrtracr

    Afraid of this thing

    WOW nicely done.
  7. desrtracr

    steering lock

    first:kill the little girl.
  8. desrtracr

    Hello newbie here with a question

    i'm 40 ex mx'er but race dessert and scrables, i love the drzE a little susp work and your good. i'll never go back to a smoker.
  9. desrtracr

    drz 400 or wr250f

    my 17 year old races my 04 RM250, i race my 400E and love it. I rode my buddies wr and found it was under powerd and the weight didnt make that much differance. i'm 40,6ft 2in,230lbs. set it up like you would your mx'r (suspension) the stock susp will kill you. DIRT RULES
  10. desrtracr

    What color yellow is it?

    my 04 RM and my02 DRZ colors look the same can't realy tella diff.DIRT RULES
  11. desrtracr

    Brand name parts?

    moose makes a very strong sprocket around 40 bucks, i race with them and havent had any problems. DIRT RULES
  12. desrtracr

    Competition worthy?

    bonafide: are you in nmdrc?
  13. desrtracr

    drz top speed.whats yours??

    2002 drz 400E, 3 miles dirt road,regeard,stock motor,102 mph. acording to the torrance county sheriffs dept.
  14. desrtracr

    with the new RMX 450 will Suzuki drop the DRZ?

    lighter flywheel? why? thats like taking a turbo off a power stroke. but i see showa forks and some fender changes. DIRT RULES
  15. desrtracr

    Cloudcroft, NM

    HEY i used to have a hodaka super rat