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  1. desrtracr

    Fat !

  2. desrtracr

    Fat !

    how do you get pics on your reply i'v got a great switch set up.
  3. desrtracr

    believe it or not !

    i can whip up on a lot of 450's with my 400e (a few mods) the drz is sadly underaited. bm300e needs to go back to his reserch papers and his pit bike take a pill and chill out.
  4. desrtracr

    Would the drz be up to a mondo enduro

    mines set up to race dessert and enduros. a few mods most suspension. great bike. but its time to sell,its a little depresing.i love my drz.
  5. desrtracr

    DRZ Vs. ??????

    I love my drz-e, i but road a aprila 450 v twin the other weekend.holy S*** what a bike.
  6. desrtracr

    Suspension MADE ME LOVE MY BIKE!! All over agean

    crf 450 spring in the rear works great ( and its cheap )
  7. desrtracr

    What gear do you all ride in?

    in the nude
  8. desrtracr

    OHV Meeting in Santa Fe

    crap i'm always missing these things. well i'm sure we got screwd.
  9. desrtracr

    no more racing

    i'm 41 and 2 weeks ago i destroyed my 04 rm250 in a desert race. this is the third bad wreck in 1 year and i'm not healing to well anymore, so now it's nomore 2 strokes and i'm stickin with the drz. to all the young racers out there have fun and stay healthy.
  10. desrtracr

    another suspension question..

    i'm 230 lbs. crf450 spring on the rear and a revalve works great.
  11. desrtracr

    Helmet suggestions?

    i've had 2 mid range hjc helmets that have suvived 4 really bad crashes and had only 2 concusions so far so good.
  12. desrtracr

    The One!!!!

  13. desrtracr

    Best two-sport bike

    RM 250 but i'm a little bias but set up right it's a tractor.
  14. desrtracr

    What tires are you guys running?

    make sure you have good hand guards there's cacti that will go right thru plastic out here and some bushes that will eat your knuckles.
  15. desrtracr

    Best Tank

    Acerbis mkes a 4.25 gal for 200 bill's. but i dont know much about it.( motosport.com)