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  1. Jen Morton

    Looking to join a group to ride with this Spring or Fall

    Nope, I wasn't trying to scare you, I was sincerely being nice and trying to help you have great experience down South. I get to talk to Baja riders all the time via phone and email (for 20 years) knowing that most will never come and don't need to pay for a guide. So I'm helpful when I can be and hopefully, they'll send us business or referrals in the future? Or at least come away knowing we care about safety, even if they don't ride with Baja Bound. Safe travels! Really! Jennifer Morton Baja Bound Adventures
  2. Jen Morton

    Shipping bikes from Cabo to San Diego

    From another topic but applies better here; We will have an enclosed trailer in La Paz after the 1000 with room and tiedowns for bikes to be brought to CA. Leaving from Marina Hotel, back in CA 26th.
  3. Jen Morton

    2010 BBB Stories - let's hear them

    A little behind the scenes: George Antill (aka: AnnouncerDude) had abdominal surgery a few days before the Beach Bash and couldn't ride with us this year. So he and his lovely wife Linda drove to Escondido from Las Vegas to unload a van full of donated ambulance supplies he collected. They visited for a few minutes then turned around and drove back. George was clearly in pain from the long drive but, as always, sported a smile! Brian Riebe had to stay behind because of a family emergency but still purchased a defibulator and shipped it here in time. Brian, we missed you and Kristie Lane but your time and energy is greatly appreciated! Our 10 year old testing the machine on poor George. You would never know he was on pain meds and had to put up with Linda's terrible driving (allegedly) for 10 hours
  4. Jen Morton

    New Rider on a YZ450

    I'm 5'6" and ride a 450X, man what I wouldn't give to have your legs! Don't waste your time on a small bike, you'll be too cramped. You can't feel proper form and get your muscle memory going if your knees are up by your elbows and you're too close to the bars. I'm guessing your reach is long too? You're tall and strong so practice balance! I ride my husband's XR650 sometimes (when I have to) and I've also ridden big dual sport bikes like the BMW HP2 Enduro and big KTM's. When you can balance, weight is not a problem. Remember the throttle goes both ways, just because it's a 450 doesn't mean you have to ride fast
  5. Jen Morton

    aloha 500 it's beach bash time

    Last year's donkey award winner Brett has been fired and I've been officially assigned to keep track of Mitch, so......... He'll be wearing my Spot, live Iritrack, GPS with map, Baja Designs radios, and my hot pink MSR gear. Mitch, let's you 'n me show those boys what rockin the pink is all about!
  6. Jen Morton

    Racers and ranchers ride (updated info)

    I thought you meant me? Looking forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks! Jen
  7. I'm so glad it's now cool to be 40!
  8. Jen Morton

    Baja Beach Bash 2010 - your input requested

    Icon - Here's a photo from the San Nicolas @ the '09 Baja 1000 You'll recognize the SCORE class 40 champs Bill and Brian from the BBB1. Guess which one is their friend Darrin? He couldn't even hold still for a photo, I can't wait to see what he does on a dirt bike I've been told Manny is pretty attached to his squirrel trophy so I better get another one just in case.
  9. Jen Morton

    Baja Beach Bash 2010 - your input requested

    If you want to be included in the email list with all the important sign up info........Please email me @ Jenmorton@cox.net Include your first/last name and alias please. We're starting an email list now and everyone will get the same instructions at the same time in order to claim your spot! Priority to those who came before and Darrin Hoeft, I can't wait to ride with that wacky guy! Manny - he makes you look like you're on Valium:thumbsup: Obgod3- It's too early to talk about range. The 3 amigos (Johnny, Tim and Cameron) have a great route planned that everyone will love, they won't leave ya hangin in the bike prep dept. Can't wait! Jen
  10. Jen Morton


    Congratulations Julia, he sounds great! I married a dirt bike guy and it's in our wedding vows that he has to start my bike for me after 10 kicks, no joke it's in our video Remember, a family that plays together.....stays together Wishing you both all the best!
  11. Jen Morton

    Baja Beach Bash 2010 - your input requested

    Ok, I have a few ideas for special tests: 1) Tire changing competition 2) Balance beam 3) An obstacle course where the rider is blindfolded and their passenger has to direct them, 1st gear only for safety of course! I'm currently taking applications for my passenger Well? Can't wait for Summer and riding with you guys again!
  12. Jen Morton

    309x Ron Wilson Spot link - Spy photo - Thank you

    Hey there Little Bro....nice photos! I'll be watching your Spot and can't wait to see you at the finish line:banana: Proud Sis
  13. Jen Morton

    I finally gave in and let her do it.

    I LOVE IT! If I didn't already know you, I'd wonder about your sanity You guys are so fun. Just like the 80's, fur is coming back. Here's my hubby's Baja race bike from waaaayy back when.
  14. Jen Morton

    Tecate Hare Scrambles

    Excuses, excuses:foul: I'll be there with bells on, super fun event :bonk: The last Tecate HS had rain, hail, and even snow on some higher parts of the course so be ready. Jen
  15. Jen Morton

    Crf450x Trail Bike? Or King Of Baja?

    You boys have it all wrong, the 450X is a girl's bike Yesterday in the Los Padres Forest, awesone time on the trails! Beautiful new bike Motoman, I'm jealous. Jen