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  1. Welcome to KLR world!! This is a great forum but check out KLR forum - just google KLR forum and KLR faq site. These are amazing bikes in that infinite add ons are available and the KLR forum can help YOU fix anything on the bike - I MEAN ANYTHING - in just a couple of days. There are known problems well documented to be fixed on the forum and faq site. WELCOME! I am in Wilmington - lots of back roads and sand around here!
  2. I still have trouble remembering to pull in the clutch to start even in neutral!
  3. Thanks for all the help!!!! Great forum!! Ordered the promotobillet - needed the length and width. Also liked the company support. No offense to others - hard choice. Thanks again!
  4. Trying to find commercially available small luggage rack for the DRZ400s. Could not find any on ebay or google search. Anybody know of any place to get one? Thanks.