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  1. anderson750

    Idaho City ISDE

    Thanks. I will definately be back next year. Your problems in the special test reminds me of what a 2010 ISDE club rider that I occassionaly ride with told me Saturday morning..........."you cannot win it in the transfer sections, but you can surely lose it in the special tests". Hopefully next time you wont get buried behind B riders. Found out a few hours ago that my friends son (Josh Knight) got his ISDE invitation tonight.
  2. anderson750

    Idaho City ISDE

    We were in the same class. Congrats on the gold and silver. What did you think of riding that backwards at the end of the day on Sunday? I was physically and mentally drained and was really glad we did not run it backwards as a special test.
  3. anderson750

    Idaho City ISDE

    The rain made the riding conditions epic. The only place it was ever dusty was when you were running the roads. I saw several people out taking photographs, but the only pics I can find are from the guy who was selling them at sign up. There was a bald guy who rode pretty deep into a loop each day and picked a cool spot for pics. Anybody know who he could have been?