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  1. ericahearn

    2018 300 xcw have brembo's?

    My 18 300xcw has brembos...and they are really good...
  2. ericahearn


    My suspension shop went to a p60 on the rear and left the stock fronts..i weigh 230 without gear...seems to work pretty good...i did have both ends revalved though..2018 300xcw
  3. ericahearn

    Hydration packs for offroad

    Just bought an Ogio Dakar 3l..very happy with it...
  4. ericahearn

    TE-300 vs TX-300: Can't decide!

    Old man motofreaking video?..I watched the same one..lol
  5. ericahearn

    TE-300 vs TX-300: Can't decide!

    The 2018s at my dealer all have magura for brakes and clutch
  6. ericahearn

    Idaho guys!!

    Yeah you can either get the sticker or the plate now. My sticker is behind my front number plate.
  7. ericahearn

    New Bike - E start issues?

    My 2008 was the same way when I first got it. In fact it would hardly stay running unless you left the choke on until the header glowed. Now I have installed the factory AIS kit with the jets and needle that comes with it(used 168 main and 48 pilot though), all free mods are done and have the gytr exhaust tip. Bike starts right up now with the e-start and you hardly have to leave the choke on after starting. Hope this helps.
  8. ericahearn

    which jet kit for 08 WR450?

    I bought the gytr ais kit and used the needle, main air, and leak jet. Used 168 main, 48 pilot. Bike starts and runs like a whole new bike. Plus it gets rid of all that air piping on the motor. Good deal for around $55.
  9. ericahearn

    AIS removal and jetting

    Just finished the AIS removal tonight. All the free mods have been done, as well as the o-ring mod and gytr exhasut tip. The bike ran like a** when I first got it a few weeks ago. Was incredibly hard to start, and did not like to stay running. Doing the Ais, jetting, and mods was an incredible difference. Bike now runs like it should have from day one. In my opinion the Ais and jetting is mandatory to have the bike run correctly. FYI: I used a 168 main and 48 pilot indtead of the ones supplied with the kit. All other jetting specs in the instructions were followed. Hope this helps.
  10. ericahearn

    AIS removal and jetting

    I paid 5400 OTD at Specialty recreation in cda, idaho 2 weeks ago. I think they still have a couple left.
  11. ericahearn

    IS 4995 plus tax a good deal on a 08 wrf450f??

    Well I picked up the bike yesterday:ride: All the free mods were done at the dealership. Took it out to my friends property and rode around his loop. Bike is great, but need to figure out the jetting and suspension(weigh 225 w/gear:eek:). Any suggestions??
  12. Am thinking about a new bike, and stumbled on this deal at the local shop. I currently have an 04 200exc and have never ridden a 450 4-stroke. Kind of unsure as to how much different it would be. Any suggestions? ...Also bike is new
  13. ericahearn

    new tire suggestions

    Pirelli MT16 tires....by far the best tires I have ever tried
  14. ericahearn

    Sweet Goat Trail

  15. ericahearn

    DRZ 400e jetting question

    Thanks Burned, I will follow your instructions!!