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  1. Remember, piston speed, not rpm, is the critical wear parameter. The DRZ has a shorter stroke than a lot of engines, and piston speed is proportional to stroke, so piston speed is lower than on a lot of engines. It is 3081 feet per minute at 7500 rpm on a stock DRZ
  2. DaveW2

    New Chain/ New Gearing question

    110 links works for 15/44 with the adjusters at minus 0.2 (yes they go past zero). Does the shorter wheelbase mean easier wheelies?
  3. DaveW2

    Now that TurnTech is closed, what battery do I buy?

    EarthX has a built in circuit to keep the cells balanced, which is supposed to be important with lithium batteries. The ETX12A is the one that fits. They mixed up the pictures so the 12A looks like the 12B. I just bought one so I don't know how it performs long term, but it sure is light.
  4. DaveW2

    Turkey Baster location w/ fan

    Coolant is a liquid so it expands with heat. If it gets too hot it boils and expands a lot more, but in normal operation it does not boil, just expands through the pressure relief valve in the radiator cap and goes into the overflow tank. When the engine is shut off the coolant inside the engine cools and contracts, which sucks the coolant back from the overflow tank. If there is no overflow tank the coolant that left through the relief valve is on the ground or your boots and only air gets sucked back inside the engine. Next time it runs and coolant expands, mostly air will be ejected since the air collects at the highest point under the radiator cap. But this means there is always air in the cooling system, so the whole cooling system is less effective and more prone to boiling over.
  5. DaveW2

    Turkey Baster location w/ fan

    No, the baster is on the front of the rad, the horn is behind the rad.
  6. DaveW2

    Turkey Baster location w/ fan

    I put the baster on the outer right front of the right rad, ran the hose down the behind the rad near the frame, tied so it can't contact the exhaust.
  7. We had a great ride on the Forestry Trunk Road in Alberta after going around a "Road closed - Bridge out" sign. 30 km farther we came to the bridge. Half of it was still there - enough for us to get across. So we got 100 km of gravel road with no other vehicles. Priceless!
  8. DaveW2

    IMS tank - getting all the reserve fuel?

    The fuel in the bottom of rad scoop is lower than the carb so there is no way to make it flow by gravity when the bike is level. However, even on reserve a lot of fuel gets trapped on the right side of the tank. Tip the bike on it's side to get that fuel into the left side where the petcock is.
  9. DaveW2

    free power mod

    Yes Toadl, the heated grips should be hotter, in proportion to the power they draw. Power = volts x current (I). I = V/R. So Power = V xV x R. Resistance ® did not change in the grips, so the increase is proportional to the voltage increase squared.
  10. Gas can looks more secure than strapped to a rack, like many including me have done.
  11. DaveW2

    DRZ Head gasket reuse?

    Some items, like some gaskets and oil drain plug washers, are only designed to be compressed once. Also, the 94 mm big bore has less sealing area. Not worth taking a chance on the gasket.
  12. There is lots of structural carbon fibre in modern airplanes and they can handle hard landings. My carbon mountain bike (Ibis Mojo) has lasted longer than my titanium mountain bike. It is easier to make Carbon frames any shape that maximizes strength and minimizes weight. So I think there is potential but the cost per gram saved would be very high.
  13. DaveW2

    IMS 17L Tank reserve?

    It's a lot - I think about 5 L. I leave mine on reserve all the time because I can see the gas in the clear tank, which it looks like you have too. Because the reserve is so large, like half of a stock tank, I think it's better to monitor the level visually than to suddenly have the engine stall in traffic or a steep hill. I also marked the level in one litre increments on side of the tank. If you do run out, there will be a litre of two trapped on the right side of the tank. You can get it to the left side by tipping the bike on it's side.
  14. DaveW2


    They look a lot better than the sprockets in this post: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/871515-time-for-a-new-chain-and-sprocket/
  15. DaveW2

    drz400 on the freeway?

    Motorcycles wear out tires much faster and don't get much better fuel economy than a small car, so I doubt it will save you money if you already own a car.