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  1. From the engines I have worked on, most have an index pin that only allows the piston ring to be installed in one position. these are usually offset on multi-ring pistons to account for the stagger. Did this one not have index pins. The valve seat is a very good possibility to cause the problem, especially if you know there was damage when putting them in. Unfortunately, when these things happen, it's harder to stop and say let me fix it right than it is to say maybe it won't matter. Believe me I am having the same problem with my son's 85 after a crank replacement. As far as the gaskets, I would go ahead and replace them if you have to tear down. To me it is easier and cheaper to do it right once than get it back together and then have something fail based on a few dollar gasket that wasn't replaced.
  2. Looks good!!! How's does it run?
  3. It changes the seat and tank on the XR's to the newer CRF style. Decals are on shrouds rather than directly on the tank. It also changes the cg around a little for the better. http://www.aloop.com/
  4. that would be cool, if the XR tank works, I wonder about the Aloop conversions for them, that would give a lot more options for plastics and graphics, not to mention be very unique.
  5. I like the white fender look, do you have a tank to match it?
  6. I in the gulf coast area as well, and I tried a 55 and didn't have any problems. The main jet is stock, I tried one up and it would bog and sputter on me when it was 1/2 up throttle. I went back to stock and have not had problems. I have done the airbox mods with the stock pipe(baffle removed).
  7. Rejet
  8. Don't bother with the Krylon fusion, it works good for most platics, but not the fuel tank. My experience is it lasted about 2 weeks before bubbling.
  9. Thinkin about one for mine, anyone with actual experience? Search showed a few people talking about them, but I never saw anyone that has seen one and how it performs.
  10. Yamaha dealer is the only place I have found to get replacement plastics. You may find some universal fenders to fit as well. For the rear fender, www.maier-mfg.com has a motocross style without the light mounted on it. If you are replacing plastics because of the white fatigue marks, remember you can take a hair dryer or heat gun to the marks and they will return mostly to normal.
  11. I believe because we would like to see some better organiztion of some of the threads. We have asked for the 250 mods thread to be a sticky forever it seems and it still hasn't happened. there are many ways to make this site better, but the things that are asked for are unanswered. Don't get me wrong, this is a great site, but why not make it easier to find what you are looking for instead of beating people up for not using a search.
  12. Here we are at page 3 and no stick yet???? Your main looks wrong. Mine I picked up at the local shop and it is the small round without a hex shape, and a slotted end (140). I also got my pilot at the local shop, just take a picture printed out with you of the one on the sac cycles page and they may just have it. I did go to a 55 pilot, the 52.5 is not found as easily apparently, so if you want that specifically you may have to order from sac cycles. The 55 is working well for me, but I am pretty close to sea level with pretty warm temps. I think I may have to adjust my needle clip, as I had a sputter in mid-range. May be due to not allowing the bowl to fill all the way before running.
  13. What kind of number plate did you get to fit? Pics???
  14. From what I have found, $300-$350 is about average for a hydraulic clutch build up. I have not found a non-hydraulic alternative.
  15. Dennis Kirk has some Fastway Evos that are not too bad looking. They show fitment the same for all TTR models from 90 up to 250