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  1. sp700twin

    First Ride at Browns Camp

    Hopefully we'll cross paths someday while we are out riding with our boys. I'm planning on taking my two boys riding at Browns Camp in the next week or two. Ages 11 and 13. We are needing to branch out from the mostly gravel road riding we have been doing at LaDee Flats. Any suggestions on trails to take my two novice riders on when we arrive at BC? Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. sp700twin

    What Happened to Ladee Flats - Estacada, Oregon

    This is exactly what I have been doing this spring at La Dee, teaching my two boys to ride their new bikes with a clutch. We shoot up there weekdays after school. It is a rarity to see another vehicle there during the week. We have found several dead-end gravel roads that we ride up and down so we don't have to worry about traffic on the main road. Hoping to build the confidence to start searching out trails later this summer.
  3. sp700twin

    What Happened to Ladee Flats - Estacada, Oregon

    I've been riding LaDee as I am trying get my two boys hooked on dirt bikes (trying to show them an alternative to team sports and hopefully be able to spend more time in the woods with new riding partners). We rode the gravel pit area today. It was a good diversion from the road running for my 10 and 12 year olds. In my search for more info on the area I came across this video from LaDee Flats. Anybody able/willing to give pointers on where this trail is located? At 5:25 the trail comes out on a road.
  4. Curious to hear if anyone is using their EXC as a street runner. Lite-duty stuff, run around town and the occasional commute to work. Are they holding up? Is the maintance schedule killing you? What mods have been done to make them more street worthy?
  5. sp700twin

    Can you truely be happy on a KLX 250?

    Bill P, thanks for the reply. You were reading my mind, no offense to anyone. The hard part is that there are really very few bikes that meet my criteria, road legal, dirt capable, low maintenance, affordable, and a high pucker factor. Every 10 minutes my mind changes. The DRZ400SM is looking good since the closest dirt trails to me are two hours away. No Husky dealers with in 70 miles. The KTM EXCs sure look nice and being street legal in 2007 is a plus, but they sure are high on maintenance. Well I have to stop my ranting now, the other Boss is walking towards the office. Any more insight would be helpful.
  6. sp700twin

    Can you truely be happy on a KLX 250?

    Deej, What do mean by fast? What are you comparing it to? The looks and price of the bike really appeal to me. How long have you had your 250? What is your experience to compare it to? Does it still have a 'grin factor' when playing around on it? Thanks for all the replies.
  7. Got the 100% go ahead from the boss last night to get a new bike. I have been off of dirt bikes for almost 20 years and want to get back in by way of a dual sport. (Doesn't seem to be a whole lot of options out there) I have been reading all the write ups I can find on the KLX 250 but just seem a little scared that I will quickly be wanting more. Quick back ground on myself, mid 30s, 150 lbs, last bike was a KDX 200 (I love two strokes), I snowmobile heavily and love the rush of hill climbing in deep powder and feeling the gobs of horse power that modern sleds produce. Just getting off of ATVs, Predator 500 and Sportsman 700, both pretty fast machines. Trails are getting harder to find so I think riding on the street is the next move. I would use the bike for 80% paved road and 20% single track/gravel road. Commute to work is 20 miles one one on two lane roads averaging between 45-65 mph. I do love to rev engines and the perma grin that comes with recreational riding. With this in mind, would I be happy with the KLX 250? I would do all the free mods and exhaust system but would it leave me wanting more? I absolutely love the price. Other options I am looking at which are alot more money are the Suzuki DRZ400SM and KTM 625 SMC. The KTM EXCs seem to be to labor intensive for what I want. In all reality it would probably be less than 1,500 miles a year I ride. Those that have the KLX 250, does still have a fun factor after riding on the streets? How does it compare power wise to a KDX 200 or DRZ 400? Thanks
  8. sp700twin

    XC Vs XC-w

    Keep hearing the difference in top speeds between the XC vs XC-W. What are the top speeds a stock 200 XC and 200 XC-W will hit? Is it a huge difference?
  9. Has anybody been able to plate a 300 EXC / XC-W in Minnesota? If so, what should I be aware of.
  10. sp700twin

    KDX200 - what price?

    Not trying to hijack this thread, but, I am facing the same decision right now, KDX 200 or 200 XC-W. Will the 200 XC-W be more maintenance than a KDX? I will never race, just fast trail riding. Will one be easier and cheaper to maintain after the initial purchase price? Are there EPA issues we should be aware of between a 06 vs an 05 or earlier?
  11. Anybody with insider info and willing to spill the beans and let us know if we will be blessed with another year of the KDX 200? Needing a new bike but wont be able to buy until this coming fall.