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  1. dsj1955

    LC4 choke problem

    I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy. Thanks Creeper, that did the trick. The Idle jet was indeed clogged, all clear now and idle's great. Now if can just get rid of that headshake and quiet this puppy down. Thanks again; Dale
  2. dsj1955

    LC4 choke problem

    Thanks creeper I'll check it out today.
  3. I just purchased a used 01 LC4 640 with about 1800 miles, it will only start or run with the choke partially open. I checked the carb and everything looks ok (orifices all clear, 142.5 main, idle screw 2.25 turns out, needle middle position) the only mods the previous owner was to remove the internal disc's and unfortunately the mounting plate for the disc's from inside the muffler, I plan to fabricate a new disc mounting plate and put it back to stock unless I can find a used stock muffler for sale (anyone?). I appreciate any input on the choke problem.