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    Which 200?

    Thanks for all your input. It sounds to me like the MXC may be the bike to look for. Dennis
  2. yellowdirtbiketruck

    Which 200?

    I am considering buying a KTM 200, but am unsure about which one. I currently own a 1990 KTM 300 DXC. It has been a good bike, very smooth in the powerband, will come on strong when I want it too, although in really tight knarly woods, first gear is a bit too tall, and it will stall on me. It is also kinda heavy. I was in the KTM shop the other day, and talked to a salesman I know slightly. He had a 200 SX model. He said it had plenty of lowend and was a blast to ride. He likes the kind of powerband that will really accelerate hard. He assured me the 200 SX would wind out practically forever, and was the funnest bike he'd ever owned. I used to race MX some in my early days, and have done some Vintage MX more recently, so I like to go fast too. However, when I hear SX, I think motocross model, that means close ratio, that means peaky, and not good in the woods. At least that's how it seemed to be back in the early days of Elsinores, etc. when I raced. The salesman I talked to said the 200 EXC or XCW are good machines, but he didn't like them nearly as much as the SX model. My question is, which model is best suited for woods, trails, going fast, and fun? Thanks for any input you have. Dennis