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    Dirt bikes,beer,guns,girls,food,weights,hotrods and stuff like that.
  1. weskc35k

    calling all 650R owners

    Mines an 05 and it's been ridden hard and hopped up a little as well. she's had a hard time over the years and it's been rattling for a few years but it is time.
  2. weskc35k

    new carby

    Mate XR's only or someone will know, it's been ten years since I had an XR600
  3. weskc35k

    Öhlins 46mm Forks on 650R ?

    You want it man,you know you do. Way way better than stock. Cheers.
  4. Yea my XR650R is close to full house and I run a 27.5or 30 pilot ,forgotten the main,9dj something needle a 45 pump jet,coming in just off idle ,stock air bleed 1.1 but honed out a little.Other shit but I can't remember all of it. So yea you're probably rich on the pilot anyway adding fuel to that early in the revs will just go rich and soggy. So yea go back a few sizes on the pilot with no pumper at all and work it out dude. You'll know when u get it right man. Cheers HTH
  5. weskc35k

    Dust to Glory

    Awesome movie,it is da bomb.
  6. weskc35k

    new carby

    TheTM38 should work too man,It'd be streets ahead of the stocker. TheTM38 had been on nearly all Japanese 250 2T's for freaking decades. So yea we know this carb and most of it's versions,it'll flow the gas. Cheers.
  7. I don't have a second dirt bike at the moment but yea It's always a Big bore Honda of some sort when I do. And yea an XR600R would be grouse mate. Cheers.
  8. weskc35k

    new carby

    The old Mikuni flat slide thing here in Australia was a good mod for a warmed up XR600. The bikes carburated better/cleaner and had more power at WOFO as well. I'm forgetting my XR650R stuff let alone the old RFVC XR Honda's mate. Cheers.
  9. weskc35k

    USD Fork Swap Advice Needed

    What he said,the USD's are far superior. I put my conventionals from the XR on my CRF450R and it was better in roots rocks and ruts but nowhere else,3rd gear up it was hopeless just like on the XR.
  10. weskc35k

    USD Fork Swap Advice Needed

  11. weskc35k

    USD Fork Swap Advice Needed

  12. weskc35k

    Is the XR650R (Suspension) MX Worthy?

    Champion, does well.
  13. weskc35k

    USD Fork Swap Advice Needed

    Yes, yes, yes. The KX500(xr650 very similar) fork was voted the best fork in 89, so yes in her day they were the bomb ,but time moves on.
  14. weskc35k

    Need help with xr400 cdi

    Yes I am.