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  1. mgc201

    First time in 20+ yrs...

    No, not at all. Don't worry about how fast or how high your jumping..we're not 16 anymore : ) It's all about fun and looks like a lot of fun in your video. Thanks for posting.
  2. mgc201

    Electric Enduro

    I think the KTM Electric (probably their 2nd gen) will be my next bike. I like this quote someone posted about it: "One more thought...mass centralized 198lbs. No gas tank, pipe, air box, shifter, clutch.....how about listening to your favorite tunes :)" Sound freakin awesome to me!!
  3. mgc201

    Electric Enduro

    I'm with you. I don't like having to drive 1+ hours to go ride out in the country. There are plenty of woods in around where I live where I could ride one of these silent bikes. can't wait to get one when they get the range increased.
  4. mgc201

    My 1st Moto, HD helmet cam

    Awesome vid! You are about my speed : ) That tracks looks awesome too. No humongous jumps which is cool..nice rolling terrain.
  5. mgc201

    Awesome WR450f Stunt Vid

    I wish it were like that here! That's the main reason I don't ride on streets here. The cops will pull you over for the smallest thing.
  6. mgc201

    Office worker meltdown

    hmmm. maybe it is real. Thought it was fake at first. Crazy mofo. I would've body slammed the fool.
  7. mgc201

    Guys check out this vid

    Pretty entertaining. Only part I didn't like was when you guys were dancing around that guy walking down the street minding his own business. Pretty disrespectful. If someone was dancing like that around me I'd floor them. Pushups and racing were cool though.
  8. I notice 90% of the people who say they need the sound are the young guys. Once you get over the have to have "cool" sound, you'll be into other techs.
  9. I can't wait for electric mx bikes to take over. *** do you need sound for? No gas to worry about, no oil, smoke, pissed off people over noise. I'm all for it.
  10. mgc201


    Me too, but Sony is going to start finally adding rumble to their controllers in 2008. The new controllers are said to have extra weight. I also don't like the analog stick layout..they are way too close together.
  11. mgc201


    Fact: the 360 version does look better. sorry pal Been confirmed by many people who have both systems.
  12. mgc201

    I went riding.

    Looks like my type of place to ride. Nice pics!
  13. mgc201


    That's a first. Read most reviews on games developed on both systems and more often than not, the review will state the PS3 suffers in the graphics department and the game doesn't run as smooth. MX vs ATV untamed is just one example..especially in the graphics dept. Also NCAA football runs at 60fps on 360 and they could only manage 30fps on the PS3. I do believe in a couple years that the graphics might be better on the PS3 after the developers figure the system out. Developers love the 360 because it's so much easier to make games on. MS has very friendly developer tools for them to use, where Sony hasn't been much help at all to developers. I had the PS1 and PS2, but with the PS3, there just aren't the games out for it now so I'm holding off. 360 has a bigger and more diverse game libary and comes with a 3 year warranty. The older ones need it but the new systems are being built with better reliability. If you really need blue ray, get a PS3. If you want the best game system out, get a 360.
  14. mgc201


    You must be either be playing with the pro physics set to off or you're scrubbing wrong. Scrubbing in this game, if done correctly, will shave more than a few seconds off your lap times.
  15. mgc201


    That's because the PS3 is a b!tch to program for. In another 2 yrs or so when developers figure it out, it should be better.