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  1. yamafamily

    2001 300 shift problem help

    Fixed it, he finally got it down here, he had changed the oil right before going on this ride. His buddy has a 2014 Ktm 300 and uses Shell rotella oil so that's what he used. But this 01 engine was full of dirt and that Shell cleaned it or more like stirred it up.That 1 ride oil was black as coal, we cleaned the clutch discs off, reassembled and filled it with atf and with in a couple hundred yards it started to shift fine, it was just dirt gumming up the works.
  2. yamafamily

    2001 300 shift problem help

    The neighbor kid changed the oil in his bike 2 days later, it will only shift up. It is now in 5th gear and will not shift down. It had been working fine that day, he took a break, got back on and this happened. Did he do something wrong changing oil, or is it not related. Looking for answers.
  3. yamafamily

    wr250X tires for rear?

    Thanks thats what I needed, I'll go with the pilot .
  4. yamafamily

    wr250X tires for rear?

    Has anyone used a 150/70r or 150/60r tire on the rear of the x , I would like to go to a sport touring or dual compound tire like the bt o21.The factory tire was nice execpt no mileage.I would really like to hear from someone that has some mileage on a tire that size and what they would reccomend. thanx it's going to 51 today , maybe all the ice will melt . brian
  5. It would be best to have them anodized, but I would at least use a self etching primer( body shop store's have it in aerosol cans), It will really help your paint adhere to the aluminummmmm. Good luck.
  6. I have seen a lot of cracks and holes fixed over the years with J.B. Weld. I have also seen failures of J.B. due to oil or fuel exposure. A product I have had a lot better luck with is" Permatex gas tank- radiator repair ". It seems to take the heat and oil alot better than J.B., It only costs about 2 bucks and you just cut off what you need , roll it between your fingers and apply, plus it's dry in 10 minutes. I hope I helped a fellow tt'er.
  7. yamafamily

    Faulty filter ? Or Cleaner?

    I did'nt clean it with gas this time I used no-toil cleaner , it may not of been gas either it was last fall,I might of used mineral spirits, point is I know others have used ,gas kerosene and saftey clean solvent and the glue did'nt fall apart on thier filters. I e-mailed no-toil last monday and they never responded, I thought I would let them get back to me before I got on here and aired problems with their product, they must not care. I'll go back to bell-ray and tell my dealer about no-toil no response , I think they quit carying it anyhow.
  8. yamafamily

    WR electric starter?

    With enough money you can do anything. But in this case it would be cheaper to buy another bike with e-start?
  9. I just used no toil cleaner on my Yamaha filter the other day, and the filter completley fell apart. Every bit of glue was no longer glue. I had cleaned this filter only 2 times before this using the gas -soap & water route. Originally had whatever yamaha uses , then I used bell-ray, then no-toil. So I take dirty factory,no-toil treated filter out the other day, put it in a gallon zip lock bag, a little cleaner & water had been added, I made sure filter was saturated ,then let soak while I wiped out air box. I go to rinse filer and remove frome bag in pieces, it's really ,really clean but it's in pieces,:eek So I'm going to my Yamaha shop and give the parts guy crap,probaly the owner too.(You got to do this from time to time). What I really want to Know is what happened ? junk factory filter? no-toil cleaner? Or being in a sealed bag? I have five bikes to care for , I don't want to do this again. Will this happen to a uni? Its what the shop carries. Thanks. Oh I really liked the no-toil system , just not unglued filters.
  10. I'm curious if anyone has lightened thier fly wheel on a 06 wr450 and if they were happy with the change?
  11. yamafamily

    RE: Polishing Muffler..........

    Did mine got carried away,swingarm,engine guards,shifter,kicker,stand,muffler looks great for about 10 minutes after 2hrs of wasing & repolishing.Won't do the Wife's bike,leaving well enough alone.