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    Love outdoors and my 2005 crf450x
  1. I listed the trailer on craigslist for $6,000 about three days ago. No response you would think there would be a at lease one blood sucker out there trying to make a buck. I listed it under motorcycles. I thinking I might have to take a bigger hit on the price if its going to sell. like around 5k. Al
  2. Yes I did! That's what my wife said 5 to 6 k is what I was thinking also. Its all about the market and the right buyer. OK I give up whats YMMV?
  3. I have a 2007 Pace American TPD 7w x16L x 6.5H Trailer 7000 lbs GVW $5,800 Spay on bed liner inside trailer. $4,700 8 ft awning $500.00 Custom generator mount $200.00 (Generator not included) Trailer Graphics $400.00 New 15 inch chrome wheels and 6 ply trailer tires $660.00 Wheel chocks 5 Total Three permanent Two removable and tons of lay-flat tie down Rings . Another $400.00 are so. Total invested around $12,000 I know that I cant get out what I have invested and don't expect to. So what do you think a fair price would be. I would like some feed back. Open to all your thoughts . Shoot me some numbers.Thanks Al:thumbsup: (EDITED) Trailer has less than 1,000 road miles. Here's some pics
  4. hammerup

    New X "Must Do's"

    I believe Honda Service Bulletin recommends a full quart because of this problem. I remember reading something about the problem with running 3/4 of a quart is that the 450x is basically using the two stroke gear box and proper lubrication is relying on the splashing of the gear oil. Lock up of the 450x tranny seems to happen in 5th gear and there's no oil splashing up in the gear box. When running a full quart the gears now can pick up the oil without relying on oil splash. I Run a full quart with no problems:thumbsup: Here's a thread from 2006. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=326241&page=2
  5. hammerup

    Wanted xr650 electric start kit

    USA will soon have a VAT tax Also:bonk:
  6. hammerup

    Right flywheel puller

    Yes. you need to peen the bolt with a center punch after the RED lock tight. look like this Al
  7. hammerup


    Thanks. Small and comfy. Al
  8. hammerup

    Helmet Camera?

    This is the only camera that I know of thats around $100.00 http://www.webbikeworld.com/r4/oregon-scientific/
  9. hammerup

    Wife not approving...

    ANY HELP IS WELCOME!! thanks Can you relate to this?
  10. hammerup


    What type of helmet speakers do you use? need to find a nice set. Thanks Al
  11. hammerup

    Best seat for drz

    I don't know if guts makes a soft foam seat for the drz. But on my crf450x its one of the best mods that I did that and a griper seat cover. Its like your sitting in a saddle you sink down about a inch you ass doesn't get sore and you cant slide off . The foam seat was $50.00
  12. Ya your right! look what NORTONS pick up Joe Racer Products This site may harm your computer. May 8, 2009 ... Some states are harder then others so call or email for details. OUR NEW CONTACT NUMBER IS 408-807-6052 ... www.joeracerproducts.com/ - Similar "Nortons is shuting down windows to protect your computer". Hmm THIS SHOULD TELL YOU SOMETHING
  13. hammerup

    Crf 450 Voltage

  14. Trying for three days. When I put in all the info in ,it just sits there. I will keep trying
  15. hammerup

    Ca DMV Question

    This has happen to me more than once. This is how I handled this. DMV is only asking for a release of liability not a bill of sale. I went to the DMV in lodi ca. I told the clerk I did not know the information on the buyer. She smiled and said I think I see that person out in the parking lot right now and that I should go out there and get the information with a little wink. You are not required by law to ask for a ID from the buyer. So whatever name and address the buyer gives you is what you send to DMV But that's Me. If there is a affidavit for this that's the way to go. I do know this! If you tell them that you DID NOT send in A release of Liability you will be on the hook for the $75.00 Just remember mail gets lost everyday. Good luck