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  1. Bike is all but done now....just need to change the tyres and put on a new chain. I am also still waiting on the left hand tank graphic from the graphics company....9 weeks on from receiving the rest of the graphics! :evil: Anyway I think it it's turned out pretty decent! Apologies for the bad phone pics!
  2. All I'm waiting on is my new pipe in the post (going for an FMF Fatty in to an Answer carbon can), the shock spring back from the powdercoaters, and then it's a case of building it back up which will involve sourcing some new hardware as a lot of the bolts were junk. Will hopefully be riding it sometime in May!
  3. My '95 is currently in a whole load of pieces, have all the parts I need now, just a case of bolting it all back together. Did a quick mock up to see what it'll look like.
  4. Thanks from the UK... but someone seed please!
  5. Yes someone please seed! I'm stuck at 45%
  6. What a dick...
  7. I believe you are correct. Good luck to him in whatever he does, great rider when he was 'on', remember a few times he ran with and challenged James Stewart in the 125s
  8. sad

    Here in the UK there is a big problem with the use of minimotos and pit bikes in public parks, on the streets etc. The stop this the police are taking a zero-tolerance approach and will crush your bike if they catch you,. The lesson is, stop riding illegally and giving minibikers a bad name.
  9. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/STOMP-RACING-INNER-ROTOR-KIT-PIT-MONKEY-BIKE-110-125_W0QQitemZ250035241037 This is what I won...not sure if its the same as the previous link...but it does come with coil, CDI, kill switch etc.
  10. Has anyone tried one of these, I've got one on the way, cost me £88, compared to £200+ for a kitaco. Will let you guys know how I get on with it!
  11. There are tons of street legal minis available in the UK, but most are very cheap chinese bikes that I'd be scared to use on the road. I've seen a few road legal CRF's too. I guess maybe it is easier to get them legal over here? You don't need lights or anything as you can get a daytime licence, I think its just legal tyres and a few other little bits. It's registering them thats a hassle. The bike at the bottom of this page looks good...front and rear fastace suspension, 135cc lifan...I may have to get one. http://pages.123-reg.co.uk/max365-780449/productsales/id11.html
  12. If I had the means I would but unfortunately I have no idea what you need or how to do it.
  13. Same here..cant believe Europe have got to see it before the US guys. And it was definately the OLN show as it had ping and that annoying guy as the commentators.
  14. In no way will it restrict power...the original xsports were 110cc as well and used the exact same pipe stock as the thumpstar.