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  1. kyle6326

    new crf150 with big bore kit = 250cc

    Ive had some bad luck on 2 smokers there power band is way too high and is sort of hard to ride . I grew up riding thumpers for most of my life and got kind good at the jumping part. PS i ate shit on a cr85 and my cousins KX 250 BAD really bad .
  2. kyle6326

    just got wooped by a cr85

    i said my dad was going to buy the 250 kit he got the 190 kit from my friend Aj didnt mean to be mean
  3. kyle6326

    just got wooped by a cr85

    i have the kit but i havent put it in yet dont know how but it is sort of fast anyways whith out the kit
  4. kyle6326

    just got wooped by a cr85

    im ***ing poor man so that wont turn out to well me asking my dad for a new bike. so for right now i was just asking peoples advise considering you dont have any
  5. kyle6326

    new crf150 with big bore kit = 250cc

    i can't long story made short i eat sh1t on a cr85 and no my dad wont get me a 2 smoker but he will get me a crf 250 when i get the money for the down payments
  6. kyle6326

    just got wooped by a cr85

    i know that i probobly cant beat him, but i would at least like to keep up with him mabe a mile or two behind lol but if i get the 190cc big bore kit do you think it will make much of a difference . thanks for reply
  7. kyle6326

    new crf150 with big bore kit = 250cc

    i want the 250cc kit but thats a sh1t load of money, so my dad might get me the 190cc kit. is that one still ok i mean in hp i
  8. kyle6326

    just got wooped by a cr85

    i tryed to drag race him and all i got was a handful of dirt, didnt work out to well but i can sort beat him on the track lol he suckes at the turning and jumping. what if i had a like a 190cc big bore kit with 16.5 hp what would be the difference? no i really think he would beat you too i have around 13 hp and he has around 17 from all the upgrades and he also has 6 gears and i only have 5
  9. I found a big bore kit for crf 150 and they have a 225cc kit for $499 and a 250cc kit for 1,299 a lot of money xr.100.com or just search ENGIENES ONLY
  10. kyle6326

    just got wooped by a cr85

    i have a rev- box, and a big gun muffuler , my dad wants me to save for a new bike and that will take a while so i wanted to get the 195cc big borr kit from prowler but its up around $1,500 way to much money any other ways to get more hp besides the exausht would new cam do any good ?
  11. hey i have a crf150 and all my friend think that my bike is so week , of course they all have two smokers. Any good ways too get more hp with out geting a big borr kit im trying to get up around 17 hp so i can woop there @ss {thanks for reply}
  12. kyle6326

    230 vs. 250

    dont wast your money, i got a crf 150 and out grew it in about 3 months or so and I'm oly 15 and cant wait for a bigger bike. the suspension is very limited on both bikes the 150 & 230 and always bottoms out on almost every jump get the crf 250.
  13. kyle6326

    150/230 forks to week

    could you give me a list of the items i would need im only 16 and not the best at geting the right parts< but i can definitely put them on the right way thanks a bunch
  14. kyle6326

    does cr85 plastic fit on the crf150

    i would get the plastic for racing not as replacements so i would get a plastic kit for the whole bike " white" my friend said that they would fit but not sure if that is true or not thanks crf150 03 rev box uni air filter side-winder conversion kit
  15. kyle6326

    150/230 forks to week

    the cr85 forks sound good but there a sh1t to put in